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Building my first home theater, and need help on screen

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So I been interested in building a home theater for some time now(about a year), but it was only recently that I found out about DIY screens. At first I only heard about blackout cloth, mainly from Carl's place. But then when searching on blackout cloth I came across several threads in this forum and some talked about painting the cloth or Sintra etc. I was of course very interested and had curiosity, and now being a total noob, have a few questions about different types of screens and what is the best for my conditions.

The home theater will be in my basement, which unfortunately has a low ceiling, but has total light control, I can make it pitch black when I want to. The walls are white and the ceiling is black...I got the house like this and cannot paint the walls. Due to columns I can only place the home theater in one area. the projector can be at max 14ft and half from the screen. (planning on making a 110" screen 16:9). So those are my current conditions, so that might help answering my questions.

1. In my current conditions, would there be a dramatic difference between a regular blackout cloth and a painted Sintra. One that would make the extra cost worth while.

2. If it is worth while to do the painted Sintra board, which paint mixture would be best and where can I get a Sintra board in Louisville, Kentucky.

3. would the projecter screen even make a difference with my projector,(planning on getting an 8350) basically is the projector good enough to warrant a painted Sintra board.

4. I know this question doesn't belong in this specific thread, but if you guys don't mind I was thinking of getting a refurbished Epson 8350. I have heard good things about it, but do you guys know of any projector that might be better than this one under my home theater conditions that is around the same price. My budget for the home theater is around 1500-1700. I might get 1800 by December saved up but not sure. With the audio and projector it would be $1450($899 for epson 8350, $550 for pioneer receiver, jbl studio 130 and polk audio subwoofer). So that leaves me with around 200 dollars to work with if I manage to save up 1700. With that budget would I be better of with just a blackout cloth or is it enough money to do a painted sintra board.

Thank you for your help and everything, and sorry for my noob questions, as I love cinema but first time actually making a home theater. I might have left some information that you may need, so please just tell me if i left out something.
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I'm sure the consensus will be that no projector is "too good" for a nice, painted screen. It's definitely worth the time and investment. If you don't want to spring for the Sintra, you can easily paint BOC. I don't mind if you get the 8350, no. It's a nice projector. Couldn't really tell you better options, as I haven't shopped in a while. If you do enough digging, though, you'll be able to find some good deals. I obsessively scoured listings and shopped around before upgrading and managed to purchase a used Panasonic 4000 for $300. That was a freak situation, obviously, but do enough research and you're bound to end up with something good. Good luck.
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Thank you, I also have to apologize for my english as it is not my first language. I meant to say that the projector might not be good enough to have a good screen, as in no matter how good screen the projector cant display a good enough image etc for me to notice from a blackout cloth or paint. idk if ti makes sense, like maybe what im trying to say is that maybe the 8350 would be a bottleneck in the system if i did a paint screen and I want to have a allround system that doesn't have any bottlenecks. sort of like in a computer, get an awesome gpu but if the cpu is not powerful enough games wont get much difference.
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No, yeah, I understood you. Your English is very good. I was just teasing about the not minding. The 8350 is definitely a great projector. Of course folks here have moved on to the newest models, but it would serve you well. My friend uses one on plain BOC and it looks perfectly fine, but would look even better if he painted the screen. I have tried to convince him, but he's foolishly satisfied with what he has.
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Yeah, im looking at the newer models but while i was browsing craigslist I came across a JVC RS40 for 1200 i wonder if it is a good deal at all. any thoughts?
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Definitely a good price, but you never know when you shop on Craigslist and that's a lot of money for such a risk.
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I searched the projector on here to see some opinions and reviews on it and saw a recent post with exact same pictures and price and said Louisville and was sold a week ago to a forum member. people should learn how to take down craigslist posts. lol
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