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Samsung UE55F9000 4K TV or OLED - for gaming

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Im looking to buy a new tv for pc gaming and watching some movies and a little console gaming.

Im thinking the Samsung F9000 uhd 4k tv or the New OLED thats been announced.

atleast with 1080p oled I wont need the highend graphics cards.

I understand hdmi 1.4 is restricted to 30fps at 4k resolution but In the reviews Ive seen they said there is a box that is external that is the brains of the tv and handles all the different connections to the tv as well and maybe Samsung will allow and upgraded box with hdmi 2.0 and thus giving me 60fps in games and better color and more audio channels.

The other tv that got me interested was the New OLED tv that would be 60Hz and maybe the box can be upgraded and maybe even hacked to allow 120fps.

Input lag and motion blur will be interesting on these two.

I spoke to a lad at the local electronics store and he said I can roll in with my pc anytime during a week day and give them all a test but said best to wait another month till all the tv sets are released.
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As a PC gaming enthusiast who has been watching the markets and technology I think you are overlooking a problem with OLED technology. My understanding is much like plasma, OLED will suffer from image retention or "burn in". I guess it depends on how often and for what length of time you plan to be playing games with a non-moving static Heads Up Display area, Personally I wouldnt risk it, but I tend to do long gaming sessions with many non-changing areas on my "monitors". For now I'm wating for LCD/LED to hit 4K with 120hz native input before I decided to buy again. I've used 30 inch LCD's, a 56 inch DLP, and currently running a 70 inch LED next to a 55 inch LED as my monitors. I've avoided plasma, and will avoid OLED. To each his own, but make sure you take all things into account. Watching movies with a health bar burned into the edge of the screen doesn't sound fun to me. I may be incorrect in my understanding of things, someone with more knowledge may feel free to come and correct me on this.
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Don't forget to consider Sony/Eizo/nVidia recent work on high-efficiency interpolation-free strobe backlight technologies.
They finally bring CRT-quality / plasma-quality motion resolution to gaming on LCD panels, without using interpolation.

Thread: New LCD's with CRT-Quality Motion resolution.
(Zero Motion Blur / LightBoost Monitors / Low Lag Motionflow Impulse TV's / Etc)
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