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AVR 1650 12 Volt trigger connector question

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Just bought, set up and am very much enjoying the new unit, with my 5.1 surround sound.

If you're a sci-fi fan like I am, "Oblivion" sounds absolutely spectacular! The drone "dog fight" close to the end is worth the price of admission, whether you're buying it or renting it, as is the "Red Tails" movie. On a 70" Vizio, it's as close to heaven as I've gotten in my 70 years...well, almost...rolleyes.gif

Yet, I digress...

My 1650 unit gets quite warm...no, it really(!) gets warm in there, despite plenty of room inside the cabinet and the glass door open for ventilation; the movie was just a bit over 2 hours long! frown.gif

Do all H/K's run really hot? If so, what have you done to cool things down inside your cabinet?

My ceiling fan's going, a/c is going and the additional air vent holes that I punched inside the enclosure make little, if any, impact.

Anyway, is it possible to use the 12 volt tap to hook up a small 12 volt utility fan inside the stereo cabinet? I suppose that a 110 volt, 4" or 5" fan would do just as well, but they might cause some interference.

A 12 volt fan would, at least, be a bit more of a challenge:).

I promise to post photos when I'm done.

Many thanks for taking the time to respond!

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No, a 12V trigger does not supply enough current to run a fan.
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You can use the 12v trigger to trigger a relay that powers the fans.

Try 'googling' "12 volt trigger-controlled Cabinet Cooling Fan"
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@ JoaquinTall, Anything you place in the cabinet will get hot depending upon room temperature. There can be multiple solutions to this issue. The first one being the placement of the 12V source outside the cabinet. The second one can be using a small fan the same supply, you can find thousands of cheap 12V fans on the internet. Third one can be changing the way you placed it inside the cabinet. For example my Wi-Fi router heats up a lot so I've now placed in an inverted position so that the air vents given at the bottom of the router can face upwards and now it works fine. Just find the right way to place it, that'll be the easiest solution I guess.



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