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Theater Flooring Question

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Thinking about using this as flooring in my dedicated theatre room. Will it be too reflective?


If so is there a carpet or carpet like flooring that has a similar coin pattern? Themeing out my room.

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Had that crap in an office lobby once. Some interior designers bright idea. That looks good for a garage other than the fact it shows dirt really well. I wouldn't put it in a theater, too reflective. And I'm not big into mopping floors.
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That's what I was worried about was the reflective nature of the material. Is there a carpet or another style of flooring that has a similar pattern in it then?
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So this guy walks into his neighborhood carpet store and asks do you have any carpets with a coin pattern?
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Lol big I don't know how you find all this stuff. I searched and searched but nothing. I do like that pattern. Are there any other brands?
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I did Google IMAGE search for circle pattern carpet, then once I had a picture of something promising I followed it back to the web site.
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Could something like this work?

Looking for something that is rounded like that but it's all I could find at Home Depot. I want to give the room a "rounded" feel to it instead of sharp corners.
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Also, do you line up the front of the threshold with the front of the door?
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define front ? Inside/Outside Swing side or Push side.

If you are planning an automatic door bottom you need to plan for it to land on the flat portion of the threshold so in that case it needs to protrude out on the push side of the door. (side with the door stops)

Assuming your door opens into the theater this means that the threshold is not protruding into the theater.
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Thanks a bunch again. Was just wondering for the riser built right on the concrete, should I use PT wood?
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I put down a layer of Roofing felt then use regular wood.
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