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Yes it's the same for the US market.
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Loving this projector already.
This new type of wand remote is better looking than the funky looking wand remote for the LGPA75U.
Do you have the other LG model projectors ? PA70G ? PA75U U ? and have you compared the picture quality to those other LG models ?
2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and since it does not have HDMI audio out at least SPDIF is a much better way to get audio out to the speakers or receivers than the set up they have for the PA75U with plain 3.5 stereo jack.
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The maximum image size as per this spec is 120inches which is lesser than the predecessor.
The operating temperature is 0-40 deg c which will be easily breached here.
DLNA is there only for wifi and not sure if connected via LAN port.

pls clarify
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How is it possible that in Europe the model PF80G worth 1349€ and in USA the model PF85U being more complete (with TV Tuner, SmartTV and Magic Control) only worth 887€ mad.gif
I would like to live in USA...Or that LG stops increasing their prices in Europe.
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What shall I say, in INDIA, LG PA70G is sold for 857USD after forex conversion. PA75U is not at all here.
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Originally Posted by DLPProjectorfan View Post

Loving this projector already.

Ok give us details. How much better sharper etc than the 75? Please give us a full review if possible.
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Originally Posted by A/VPASSION View Post

Check it out!

The pf85u model on LG site. Apologies if this info is known as I didn't read it here


It's actually for sale on the B&H photo website for $1199! Anyone interested in a PA70G for $400? Should still have about 19,900 hours of lamp life...
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I would like to buy 70G or 75U model.
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I bought the LG PA75U for $ 650 on Amazon and it has about 150 hours on it.
I bought it about 5 weeks ago and I am willing to let it go for $ 580.
I am willing to let it go for $ 600 with 3D glasses included.
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I have not bought it yet, just loving this projector from what I see here on AVS.biggrin.gif:D
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Looks like PA75U might fall further with this projector hitting shelves in the US. Newegg and Amazon are already selling it for $600 most of the times. Might be good time to buy 75U at throwaway prices. I am waiting to take call on which one depending on the price differential when 85U hits shelves:). Hopingt the 85U for 1000 looking at suggest and street price of 75U
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Originally Posted by 007india View Post

The actual specs of the projector are not available yet.

1) 1000lumens will be definitely helpful. But Acer K335 with 1000lumens is a real spoil sport. The projector just performs poorly also the lower screen size. But LG has to prove its quality. Its not the features that keeps the product but quality. Can some post links to user manual in English?

2) 1:100000 contrast might be a good number to sell. Not sure if its really useful. Have to check the facts.

3) Having an ambient light sensor could be of added value to adjust the brightness based on the mode.

4) Zoom function is still missing.

5) Better cooling systems rather than just FAN.

6) Instad of SPDIF, HDMI out with ARC & Ethernet is better.

7) Is the HDMI MHL compliant? Also, can I use my smart phone to stream videos wirelessly.

8) Does the unit supports DLNA through LAN? if the wifi can sync with my device seamlessly, I may not need it. Is the LAN normal 10/100mbps or 1GBps?

9) 2USB&HDMI is a +.

10) What is component IN? if its for video, then it will have 3 plugs including AV IN. Correct me if I'm wrong

11) The AC IN plug connector is of non standard type.

12) Does it have bluetooth connectivity to connect with other devices?

13) Does it has any video upscaling/upconvertion ability?

14) How about the projector On screen display. Previous models were not impressive.

For my usage, I mainly only care about items 1 and 2 above. I have my PA70g connected to a media PC, so it does anything I need via one HDMI cable. I kind of wish LG would not waste time and expense on all these sort of extra features, which seem to also cause many issues with users in terms of support. I bet if LG could concentrate more on the basics of image quality, it could make for a better and lower cost projector.
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Amazon already has it for 585USD for new piece. I will buy if the price comes less than 500USD.

Did any one reviewed optoma ML1000. How is it?
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Optoma ML1000 is WXGA so no point paying that much when we can get 1080P and other features such as WiDi, built in Wifi, DTV tuner at same price point. Not sure if they are overdriving PT-54 (as PT-54 is certified with .45DMD). They could be using PT-120/121 looking at power consumption (145 watt compared to LGs 160W). I am not technical enough comment on. Lets see if Kraine can answer these on Optoma ML1000
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Originally Posted by 007india View Post

Amazon already has it for 585USD for new piece. I will buy if the price comes less than 500USD.

Did any one reviewed optoma ML1000. How is it?

ML1000 it´s expensive for a native resolution WXGA and it´s look like a 70´s model...strange and ugly vintage design biggrin.gif
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What's nice about B&H is they have the "Bill Me Later" option. But at $1199 you wonder how it would perform vis a vis the $2000 Viewsonic LED 1080P model. I'm still set on getting the Sony 50ES right after the announcements at Cedia. But my PG70 throws a pretty darned good picture except for the 720p resolution. For $2000 less than the Sony and without all the bulb hassles, it's tempting.

For anyone else, if the PF85U is as good in general as the PA70G but with full 1080P resolution, I don't see how anything else could touch it at $1195. My 700 lumen PA70G is projecting a 300" image in our home theater room that looks great (on the LOWEST bulb setting). Fully calibrated, color perfect? No way. But my point is a projector 30% brighter would be quite bright and way more than you'd expect from a 1000 lumen spec.
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Also interested to know if it comes with a glass lens and square pixels. Will it have the same offset and distance throw calculations as the 70's models?

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Havent seen Texas Instruments releasing diamond pixel 1080P DMD. Assuming this is native 1080P and 0.65DMD, its fair to assume its square pixel. Only that needs more attention is the lens quality whether its plastic or glass.

Regarding the price point compared to LG PA70, there is difference in PT-54 and PT-120/121 cost as well as .45DMD and 0.65DMD. Those might have added to cost difference compared to PA70/75 and PF80/85. Again 1199 is suggested retail price, I am hoping it will be available for below 1000 mark.
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Given its price, portability and weight - you can be sure it's a plastic lens. That's ok, many projectors in the over $3500 forum have plastic lenses as well.
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If this LG PF80U is sold at or below $ 1,000 then it's pointless to even to consider the new 720P 1000 models that are coming out as in the ML1000, the Acer K335.
If this LG PF80U is sold at most places for under $ 1,000 then that's great for all of us.
Suggested retail price, means ? this is the price the manufacture has guidelines for what price it should be sold at ?
A retailer can sell it below that price or as much as their local market demands ?
MSRP is almost $ 1,200.
Perhaps most will sell it for around $1,150.
Black Friday should be interesting in what price Amazon and Newegg sells this for.
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Suggested retail price is the manufacturer suggested price to sell.
sellers get trade discount depending on volume and other things. They can sell at their discretion provided they dont show that publicly. Thats why you see add to cart to see price on Amazon or special discount on newegg till particular date. Manufacturer will restricts them from advertising below a particular price. Big dealers like Newegg and Amazon might have negotiated to get these at much lower price than suggested retail price part of which they pass on to consumers. If you look at PA75U, suggested retail price is 750 and it has been selling at 600 (least I have seen is 585). PA70G went as low as 399 (on Frys) though suggested price was 749.
Taking PA75U as reference (20% less than Suggested retail), this can go as low as 950. Only time will tell if Amazon and Newegg will pass that on to consumers or retain as this is the first full HD LED (product's successor, quality issues, supply vs demand might affect this too).
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Honestly, if this thing is anywhere close to $1k it's not worth it over a bulb projector. The PA70 was extremely price competitive with other 720P offerings and had an LED lightsource with enough power for your usual 100-120" screen in a dark room.

At the $1k mark it's a shame this thing doesn't have a real zoom on the lens. It can't cost much to toss a 1.2 zoom lens on this thing to give at least SOME placement flexibility.

The PA70G also lacks some shadow detail, which I think is perfectly fine for the price I paid for it, but at or over the $1k mark I expect pretty good performance.

As much as I hate the idea of a bulb replacement looming out there, I'm somewhat considering getting a 1080P one as the next step up in quality. But I'm perfectly happy with my PA70G for the moment. I'll just watch this and see how it performs.
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Well we will have to see how the reviews of the LGPF85U are.
Hopefully this projector meets and exceed expectations only time will tell.
I would have to disagree about how if this projector is price for about $ 1000 that a bulb based projector would be a better offering.
Remember ? this is a 1080P LED projector at 1000 lumens with some nice features to go along with it including 2 HDMI ports, a SPDIF audio out, and a hardwired Ethernet hook up.
I surely would not miss having to buy a bulb every 2000-3000 hours.
That's one thing I love about the LED projector I do have now is I don't have to worry about the bulb and the time on it , and ? worry about the color wheel bearing going bad or the color wheel it's self trowing glass shrapnel.
Yes sir eee, that's another issue that many have forgotten is not only the time on the bulbs in the old bulb based projectors but the color wheels go bad also.
Not counting worrying if you got the proper speed or multi speed of the color wheel and how many color segments on the wheel, with LED ? all of that is gone forever.
A correction on one of the posters here about the specs on the LG PF85U.

00India ? I checked out the specs of the LGPA70G compared to the LGPF85U and I have the LGPA75U.
For the LGPA70G I do believe the trow range max is from 76.2 cm - 254.0 cm so the max trow range on the screen is 100 inches.
For the LG PF85U it's 120 inches, 306 cm way above the LGPA70G and LGPA75U.
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RPS13: You mentioned the 70g doesn't have much shadow detail. I have the 75u and found that if you change black level from low to high, you can see much more shadow detail. It's kind of like a gamma adjustment. On my 8350 (My wife is making me sell that or the 75u) I originally adjusted gamma to 2.4 per Art's recommendations. But I found out just the other day by setting it to 2.0 or 2.1 the shadow detail is awesome, making the picture that much better. Hope this helps.
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I'll agree that you probably didn't have your LGPA70G dialed in correctly if you're missing shadow detail. It's not up there with my formerly $8K Sharp PJ, but it's not notably lacking either - especially compared with other PJ's in the under 2K price range.

And speaking of color wheels, I'm sure the reason I didn't see rainbows on the PA70G (which I had on the Sharp) is the absence of a color wheel. Unless they really botched the 85U up (which I doubt given their proven experience with LED) it will be the one to beat under $2K IMO.
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No zoom at $1k is a deal breaker for me, was going to order one to check out (but not now).

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Even though there was no zoom lens on the LGPA75U I bought it wasn't a deal breaker for me for I managed to live without it.
I even though about building a sliding mount system for my projector so I can just slid the projector back and forth if I need to adjust the picture.
I just hope this new projector does not suffer from the focus problems that the LG 70 series suffered from.
I am wondering what lens system that they developed for the LGPF85U.
Everyone ? does this lens on the LGPF85U seem to be larger than the ones on the LGPA70 series ?
It looks like for you to adjust the focus you have to turn the whole lens on this PF80 series.
Yes a zoom lens on this would have been a welcomed feature but it's not a total deal breaker for me for I plan on setting it up and leave it alone.
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Lack of zoom is a problem - but maybe less so than with other projectors. Why? Because they're so small and light you can usually find a place for theme. The Pa70g works great screwed in to a standard camera tripod. This makes positioning very simple at least as a bedroom PJ.

For formal mounting the typical mounting kit would be major overkill.
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I agree as these get larger and more weight using a camera tripod can become a problem.
However this new projector still just fits into the as you say small and light category to use a tripod.
I am sure there maybe ? or someone could come out with a clever work around with the standard 3 or 4 screws mounting plate on the bottom of the projector and some how make a tread size and shank size adapter to either bolt or weld onto a piece a metal with the 3 or 4 holes that could mount onto a tripod.
As the size and weight increases we will have to find a way to reinforce the part where the tripod screw goes into and how it's mounted onto a peice a metal with the side by side weight trying to flex the piece of metal.
I don't have my projector mounted on a tripod now because of the way the room is set up.
It's impractical for me now to use a tripod at this time for I don't have the room to set it up behind the couch.
I have it temporary mounted on a metal bar sticking out from a bookcase overhead.
It's better to use the 3 or 4 screw mounting holes at this time and I plan to make a metal plate with the 3 or 4 screw holes and some way to mount it to the bar I have.
It's call DIY projector mount any way you can get it up there mount.
I have a electric grinder, saw zaw, drill press and other tools so I guess I can figure something out.
I even have some plexiglass sitting around not doing anything and maybe that's better than using a metal plate.
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There's always the old reliable coffee table mount. Since the PA70G handles adjusts for geometry so well and without noticeable image degradation it would be a natural. Not to mention its small size and quiet operation.
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