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Looking to Convert Dvi (i) (analog) to Component?

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I have a Sapphire Radeon 6950 and i'm looking into getting an old 42" Samsung crt rear pro that doesn't have hdmi or dvi inputs.

Is the 6950 capable of outputting analog video signals through Dvi?
Can I just use a converter cable if that's the case or is their a cheap video converter box that will do a decent job outputting a 1080i signal.
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Is there a cable i can buy for this?

Edit: I found a cable for this purpose but i'm not sure if my videocard supports dvi i.
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I think you'd need a really expensive converter. Analog DVI is meant to be compatible with blue VGA connectors and their colorspace is RGB. Component is YPbPr. If my memory serves me correctly anyway.

EDIT: I guess they aren't that expensive anymore http://www.amazon.com/Fosmon-Component-video-Output-Converter/dp/B005WZMSVM

There have been a number of video cards produced with a feature called HDTV out, which is usually a breakout pigtail that attaches to component cables. There are a few models still available at Newegg and you can probably find even more on ebay. When I first started using a cable card tuner I used a Geforce 8600gt with component connections. It passed the Digital Cable Advisor for cablecard and worked fine for accelerating hd-dvds and later blurays.
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A lot of (all?) video cards can use a passive DVI-Component dongle which forces them to put out component video.
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Do you know for a fact that the Sapphire Hd 6950 does though?
It would be nice if the manufacturers published this information. Unless they do publish it and I just haven't been able to find it.
I have read that certian older ati cards could pass ypbpr through dvi i but i've also seen forum discussions where people have stated that they will only send out vga/rgb through dvi i.

Unfortunately there isn't much up to date info, probably because no one uses component inputs anymore tongue.gif

Passive cables are reasonably cheap and I also found a converter box for hdmi to component at amazon.ca:

I'm just not sure it is worth paying the shipping for a cable that may or may not work when the converter box is only 40$ with free shipping.
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