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Lost audio on Denon 3805 A/V Receiver. Happens once a year. Nearly impossible to fix.

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The DENON 3805 is a wonderful old receiver, other than the fact that it's a nightmare.

This is now my father's receiver. He called earlier tonight and said the audio is gone again. Now, my dad is not able to multitask anymore and it is difficult for him to follow instructions.

He has sound from the DVD/BD player but NOT from the Cable box. Every once in a while they press a button on the remote or front of the unit and POOF! No more sound. There is some crazy complicated setting about this particular receiver where it disables incoming Digital signals or that function is turned off and no amount of button pressing brings it back.

Does ANYONE have ANY IDEA how to fix this?

Again, everything is fine when he switches it to DVD. Perfection.

I have worked with him on this before. It never seems to be a Zone or Speaker A, AB, B thing. No matter where it is, there is no sound.

We've pressed I.MODE a hundred times. You name it, we have pressed it.

Going to auto it ends up in Analog because it is not detecting any digital sound. Right now the Cable box is Optical Out to the Denon and the Cable box is transmitting Dolby Digital.
Connections are all fine.

We've never been able to fix this properly (it happens every four or five months). It just fixes itself as he presses buttons over and over and then suddenly it comes back. But tonight I was on the phone with him for THREE HOURS! Nothing. We just don't know the right sequence of buttons to press and I have studied the damn manual the last hour.

I need a miracle because I won't be down to North Carolina for another seven weeks.

Attached image is from mom's iPhone. It's the best she can do and it is a miracle she was able to take one at all.

DIGITAL should be lit all the way on the left side. Not ANALOG. The Cable channel was on DEXTER and should be Dolby Digital, not DOLBY PLII cine. For whatever reason, the receiver is just not seeing the digital signal.

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well, the bad news is your "remote hands" are unlikely to resolve this unless you can get someone at the other end to help your dad out.
Odds are high that your cable / connection is the problem.... maybe. Some times, optical isn't always stable.

If you could, the system status "button" on the receiver (and remote "on-screen") gives you the status of the system... multi presses will tell you what the audio is setup as... this will tell IF the assignments have been changed. That is by far the fastest way to determine if things are fubarred.

Second if the assignments are correct, then the input "auto" will select what it "sees" in "order", digital first and analog second. IF there is no digital display, that is likely telling you that none is being input.... hence my postulation about the connection.

You can do youself a favor in the future by connecting up the analog cables as a "backup"... their assignment can't be screwed with no matter how much button pressing.

Sorry I didn't help much but that my "sight" from my 3805 .... :-)
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The most likely culprits are any of the bottom three buttons on the remote as noted in the image below (I.mode, Analog, and EXT IN) so once it works, have him refrain from ever pressing any of those three buttons again. When it occurs, press the I.Mode button until the word "Auto" appears in the front panel display as noted in the second image below.

That said, budwich's suggestion to also connect a set of analog cables from the cable box is a good one, although would not apply if the EXT IN button were pressed.
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Well gentlemen, it is solved. As absolutely stupid as this sounds my dad found himself confused about the cables in the back and after looking thought they were all hooked up properly. They were not. This morning I had him go behind his system and trace each cable from the receiver to the source and whadda ya know, the optical cable from the Cable box was not fully in. Most likely the cat was back there and knocked it loose.

Hours and hours of work for nothing. eek.gif

I think i need to get them a simple receiver that is HDMI only and redo their setup. Fewer cables will = fewer headaches. cool.gif
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Wouldn't be the first time a cat pulled a cable. smile.gif
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I have a 3805 and rarely have any trouble with it, although from time to time someone hits the analog button.

The Denon remote is dreadful, though. A simple Harmony might be a better way to go, not that it would prevent a cable from coming out.
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