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DirecTV audio drops during commercials from local NBC affil

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I'm hoping for some help troubleshooting the following audio issue I've been having while watching HD on Directv.

While watching the Ravens/Broncos yesterday, the audio level would plummet every 2nd or 3rd commercial. I'm talking about going from normal volume levels to just barely above a whisper. The levels would only change at the beginning or end of a commercial -- it was never a random change. I have definitely had this happen before and it may have been on the same NBC channel, but I can't confirm that.

I realize that most people would view this as a benefit but there are times when it does get annoying. Any troubleshooting thoughts would be appreciated. I'm sending digital audio from the Directv receiver to a Pioneer elite receiver via toslink. When the level drops, I don't see any change on the display of the Pioneer -- it continues to show that it is receiving a Dolby Digital signal. I doubt that Directv's signal levels are that far off commercial to commercial so I'm guessing that one of my two boxes is beginning to malfunction. Thanks for any thoughts/advice.
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Post this at http://www.dbstalk.com/forum/32-directv-products-and-services/
there maybe someone over there that knows.
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If it only happens during commercials while watching your local NBC station, then it's not the D* equipment. It's most likely an issue with your local broadcaster. It sounds as if all is normal through the network commercials, but the audio goes hinky when you hit the local commercials. Unfortunately, it's difficult to tell what's national and what's local, since some national sponsors buy local avails. During an NFL game, local promos come at the end of a cluster during a quarter. At the end of the cluster, the entire break is turned over to local affiliates.

If this never happens on, say, CNN or ESPN, then it's not your box.

Check with others in your local reception thread to see if there's a similar issue.

NOTE: Please keep topic titles specific. See my edit.
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Sounds like s good problem to me. smile.gif
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Sure does, I'd like to have a box like that.
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This happens on my BHN boxes all the time. Only I get the issue on cable channels during the local system avails. Commercials are either noticeably louder or softer. Many are softer because they are locally-produced on a cheap budget with substantial amounts of ground hum. Limiters hate ground hum.
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thanks Don, appreciate the response.
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