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I recently purchased a p50st60. Took the time to go through the 100hrs of slides and have applied the d-nice and Cnet calibration settings. Loving this p50st60 and all of its functionality. 3D has been my obsession this week, once I found out that Netflix actually has 30 or so titles that will play in high def 3D as long as your ISP is cooperating with Netflix and their new roll-out. I was honestly blown away by the 3D quality and am now trying to figure out how to be able to watch Side-by-Side 3D files from my pc (connected via HDMI). I thought I had it figured out when I realized I could force the tv to recognize SBS (by hitting the 3D button on the remote followed by the RED "R" button) but when the SBS picture comes together, it seems like its not lining up quite right. I tested with Youtube, XBMC, Windows Media, and VLC player......all seemed to show an over justified 3D view. When I watch 3D on the built in Netflix app or my chrome-cast, the TV recognizes the 3D signal and adjusts accordingly. Looks great

How can I get my PC to play nice with the st60 and not overcompensate the blend on SBS 3D?
Could it be my PC's resolution setting or a sub-menu setting on the TV that I've yet to discover?
Are all 3 HDMI inputs the same as far as 3D playback is concerened?

Any advice would be awesome. I have already learned volumes from reading this forum.