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Sony's gaming press conference in Japan - Sept. 8 @11:00 PM PST

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The official blog site will have the live stream with an English translation.

Stream link.

A bunch of PS4 / Vita goodies and new announcements are expected (or why have a presser before TGS to begin with?). Here is a list of possible showings and reveals, along with some scattered 'net rumors. If it isn't at the presser, some of this stuff can be expected at TGS a few weeks later:

- PS4 Virtual Reality headset
- The Last Guardian
- Final Fantasy XV gameplay
- Final Fantasy XIV
- 1st party JRPG
- Deep Down gameplay
- Yakuza Ishin (medieval times)
- Metal Gear V and prequel gameplay
- Demon Souls sequel
- Bloody Roar reboot
- Japanese launch date
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Originally Posted by joeblow View Post

- PS4 Virtual Reality headset

Please, please, please, please....

F*^$ the Kinect, I want Oculous Rift PS4.
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Rumors have it that it won't be OR, but instead a proprietary VR unit that Sony has been working on for awhile.
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Why would they be announcing all this stuff now? TGS starts just ten days later on the 19th. I'm not complaining mind you, yet the timing is odd. Maybe they want to make sure nothing important gets lost in the noise of a giant trade show? Generate more attendance when the public enters the floor on the 21st ?

Sony recently showed the HMZ-T3, an update to the HMZ-T1VR set they had in 2011. It's said that this is NOT related to Sony's VR PS4 project, and good thing considering the $1,500 rumored price! Whatever device they've come up with needs to be priced right, do everything the OR can do now, and not weigh a couple ounces short of a full pound. I'm ready to be disappointed but hopeful that they knock my socks off.
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Well, Sony just announced that they will have 50+ games on display at TGS. Even though they have their own conference at the show perhaps they feel that they want to give as much exposure to their offerings as they can. TGS is really the last major conference before launch, so I like this idea of getting a lot of stuff out there now for the public to chew on.

BTW, they also have the video game awards show to reveal one or two of their 2014 blockbusters if they follow their trend of previous years (i.e. Naughty Dog debut). The lead up to November 15th is pretty enjoyable so far.
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Technically Sony has yet to really "launch" their vision for the Japanese market. USA is the prize, but Japan is still the home turf and I'm sure they wanted to do something a bit more personal just for their customers before TGS. Especially after how western centric the PS4 reveal has been so far.
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On a Chinese media site, a Sony rep is hyping up the conference coming up in about 15 hours:

“Finally, it’s coming to #TGS2013. Like before, SCEJA will have a press conference before the game show. I could only say: The news you’ve been waiting for, and the information beyond your expectation will both be revealed officially. So tomorrow, please do watch the live-stream and keep follow @PlayStation !Promise to bring surprise to you!”

Asia's PS4 release date and the VR helmet?
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I'm off tomorrow so I just fired up the live stream. I'll relate any earth shattering events.
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Here's a decent summary of the show so you don't feel obligated to do a major write-up:

PlayStation 4 fans get ready - Sony have revealed a list of new games, features and details about the promising console.

Bosses met on Monday morning in Japan for a press conference where they made several announcements on what will be new for the PS4.

They showed-off some mind-blowing graphics coupled with online multiplayer features before rushing through a list of several new titles.

The PS4 will go on sale in Japan on February 22, 2014, which is several months after its November 29 release date in Britain.

It was also revealed that fans can buy big-name games like Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty: Ghosts for the PS3 and then upgrade them to the PS4 after the release date.

And the Playroom feature will be installed to the PS4, which will use the camera to turn the room into an 'interactive playground'.

Sony bosses said that the PS4 in Japan will come with a download code for the game Knack - an action game for 'all the family' designed by the creators of Crash Bandicoot.

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn will be coming out next year and will see a PS4 beta with PS3 players being able to upgrade to the PS4 version free of charge.

The press conference also saw trailers for a slick-looking new game called Watch Dog and another demonstrated the polished graphics in an upcoming horror title called Psycho Break.

Dynasty Warriors will be coming to PS4 on February 22, 2014 in Japan and "reality of the battlefield has been enhanced" due to increased picture quality and detail.

Sony bosses said: "We have focused on improving the lighting; the flame, the shadow, the darkness. We have improved this."

Sega also revealed a Japanese samurai game called Yakuza which is based on Japanese history and has a Japanese all-star cast.

A new 'extreme action' game was revealed called Lily Bergamo.

It will have a complex world of characters with a 'beautiful' female lead and the game will be available on smartphones.

Also announced was a brand new fantasy series called Natural Doctrine, a 2D game called Guilty Gear Sign and an impressive looking title called Wonder Flick.
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There were a couple of things that might interest those not living in Japan.

Vita- New and cheaper model announced in 6 colors, wifi only. 64GB card is coming soon. If you collect special editions, there 3 Vita bundles with special paint jobs for God Eater 2, Soul Sacrifice Delta, and a Gundam game I didn't catch the title of. FFX/X2 HD announced for Vita. There were also various dating and idol games as well, lol

PS3- If you like to import there were a couple of interesting titles. Armored Core Verdict Day, Monster Hunter Frontier G, and Drag On Dragoon 3. GT6 announced a couple of features with Yamauchi on stage. There will be phone/PC/tablet app for GT6 and Japan gets a white PS3/GT6 bundle at launch. Also, dating sims.

PS4- Japan gets theirs on 2/22/14. For the same price as the US version they are offering a limited edition launch pack. Comes with a 2 year warranty, Knack download, and I think a year of Plus. Also offering a bundle with the camera and the base system. Wouldn't be a Japan PS4 launch without a Dynasty Warriors, and they're getting one. Looks like the last one except the number of enemies on screen was staggering. There's Yakuza Ishin, probably an origin story because they were fighting with swords. Level 5 showed Wonder Flick, an 'RPG. Judging by the visual style there's zero chance this comes over imo. The indie push is on for Japan as well with most of the titles from E3 launching in Feb. Whole bunch of idol and dating sims in here too.

EDF! EDF! New Earth Defense Force for PS4. I hope this comes over, such cheesy goodness.

Deep Down was played live on stage. Was also announced as playable to the public at TGS so it's pretty far along. The stream quality was too grainy to compare looks to the Feb. reveal. It has a Dark Souls vibe in atmosphere and play, online will have random people appearing in your game. Not sure if it's co-op or vs. or both.

^^I took notes JB so I posted them anyways.
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That's cool since you caught some stuff the article missed. It'll be interesting to see how smooth EDF plays on a next gen machine. That was one announcement that made me smile.
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Full show (bad suits and scarves included):
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