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Plumbing my bar sink question

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I purchased this sink pump that will pump up about 8 feet. Is it really necessary to run a 1.5" drain and a 1.5" vent? That seems like very large PVC, would it hurt if I went down to 1.25" or so? The reason I ask is I drilled 2" holes in my ceiling and am having a hard time flexing the 1.5" PVC into place. I know I could always buy flex PVC but if I can save $100 by just using 1.25" that would be nice.

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If I understand your problem correctly just cut the 1.5 into smaller segments and fit in the space you have, then glue back together.
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I thought of that too but both run about 8ft in the ceiling and are perpendicular to the ceiling joists which are 16" OC, so I'd be cutting each run into like 6 pieces to get it into the ceiling.
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