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Yet Another Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Thread/Question

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I have been using a pair of CSW Model Sixes forever as my fronts, with 17s as rears. They sound surprisingly good to my ear (not an audiophile, but I do home recording as a hobby, and have done a few demo recordings or friends, so my ears aren't completely useless). Their main flaw is I need to set the crossover to the sub at around 120Hz, which causes a bit of directionality to the low end. This is with the speakers flush to the wall (the corners are inaccessible, long story).

I see rave reviews on the SP-FS52-LRs, and I can go pick up pair for $89 each+tax right now should I so desire. I do not have money burning a hole in my pocket, so the question is: are these now discontinued towers a significant step up over the old bookshelf speakers?
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I have a pair and would suggest them.
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Thank you! You wouldn't have any experience with the CSWs for comparison, would you?
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I grabbed the FS52s, definitely a smoother transition from sub to mains bass handling, they don't seem to lose anything to the CSWs, except maybe I really haven't dialed in one setting that appeases the ear across numerous recordings and genre. Setting them to Large sounds ideal on some material, a bit crowded in the lows on others, with the inverse true with Small. Certainly a sound purchase (no pun intended).
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Great thread, had a question as well. What should I set crossover for on my VSX 1121 to take into account the FS52's ? Also should I set the amp to 6 ohm (even though I have a mix of 6 and 8) or leave it at 8 when adding the FS52s ?

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They're rated at 6 ohms, so if your amp doesn't autoselect, use the 6 ohm setting. It's safe to run a higher impedance load than the amp expects, within reason, so a couple of 8 ohm speakers won't hurt anything, but they will be harder to drive to the same volume.

Start at 80Hz for the crossover, then fiddle. I go back and forth between 80 and 100Hz.
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I have a Pio VSX 1121 so think I need to manually select speaker impedance. Looking forward to these speakers on it. Was a bit worried about going with 6 ohms but heard such great things about and from these speakers and got an AMAZING price that I thought it was worth a try
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