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So just trying to make up my mind. I have an issue with pixel / lines, it's been around for a while and it's getting worse. While not there yet, soon enough this problem will make the set unwatchable. That being said, I have no issue waiting until Black Friday if the potential deals will be monumental.

Moving on. First, viewing room is somewhat light controlled. While I cannot remove all ambient light, I would say 80% or so can be dealt with. Gaming is a priority on this screen, so input lag, while not more important than PQ, is still a priority. Most television watched on this set will be sports, as opposed to movies. Sound is a non issue as I have a home theatre. Viewing distance is either 6 feet or 14 feet, depending on what I am doing. Price range should be at or below $1000. Currently have an older Panasonic 46s2. I cannot go above 50 inches due to space.

I am just curious if I would be better off going for this year's stuff instead, as my current idea is to pick up a ST50 or GT50, depending on potential deals / inventory.