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Anyone know how to rip DVD-A or DVD-AUDIO disc ??????

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I own a couple DVD audio format DVD's from back when DVD audio looked to be superior sound quality to CD and normal DVD, and also allows surround music.

Specifically I have about 5 of them, and one of them I really want to rip to my server to play back in 5.1 (metallica black album). It's a pretty cool surround music demo to my friends so I would like to have it available but I cant figure out how to rip the disc ? MakMKV does not even see it.

Suggestions ?
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I'm on my phone right now so I can't do links. But if you get foobar, the DVD-A plug in, and flac.exe you can open the disc in foobar and convert each track to flac.
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google DVD-Audio Explorer

good luck
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Its possible with foobar2000 playback with plugins. It can be a DTS format or, easier, FLAC

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What's better and why ? Is flac 5.1?
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Originally Posted by Mfusick View Post

What's better and why ? Is flac 5.1?

It boils down to what your music streamers and/or portable devices will support. My inclination would be FLAC between the two choices, more so if you keep it uncompressed, use the format you find most convenient to store your music.

The other consideration is whether you find metadata useful, these are things like album/artist info and and embedded album artwork cover, if so FLAC has some support for ID Tags
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I'm only going to playback with my HTPC ... And only once in a great while. I've already stored my movies but the DVD-A would not copy to HDD using my normal method.

Since I am playing back from HTPC via HDMI to my Denon AVR - I don't thing support for any format is a concern.

So... ? Which format should I choose ?
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I have more than 50 DVD-A's ripped to FLAC using Foobar and plugins. I like the sound quality of FLACs. Though you can use lots of players for playback because you now have the audio files in a readily useable format, Foobar will play back DVD-A's without ripping. However, once ripped to FLAC, in the Foobar GUI, you can see all four channels loading. DVD-A's are disappearing, and, therefore, becoming ever more expensive. If that were not the case, I would buy more. Next best, though, is high def recordings from folks such as HD Tracks.
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Flac keeps it lossless. Convert to flac and then if you need another format in the future you've already got a source. Foobar, J river, and xbmc all play multichannel flac no prob. 7mc didn't last I used it about two years ago so if you're using mb2.x or mbc3 you may need an external player. I'm really hoping that mbt3 plays them but only time will tell.
I've got about 30 discs all ripped to flac and stored away. The value is going nuts on them, so rip them and keep your discs safe.
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Is there a tutorial ? I have never ripped to FLAC before... I am not a big audio guy. MP3 has always been ok for me...
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On my phone again so can't do links but....
Download dvda plug in for foobar and place in the components directory. (or install it if it's packaged as an installer).
Download and install flac.exe
Open foobar and open the dvda disc. You should see a list of tracks, the names will tell you the channels and the sample rate, most discs have stereo and multichannel.
Select the tracks you want to rip, then right click and choose convert. Under the format pick flac, leave it at level 5 and auto bit depth. Point foobar to flac.exe when asked.
Pick an output folder and hit start. Don't worry about naming convention because you'll have to do that yourself afterwards as well as manually tag them too.

This was all from memory but should be mostly right.
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Sorry, but what phone doesn't let you do links?
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The kind that I don't want to blow my meager data plan by googling and finding all the links to copy/paste.
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Lol. Who is your provider ? I spent LOTS of time here on my cell and I'm not even close to mine ....
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I have Sprint. I stream Plex (and/or Mediabrowser now) and use up about 5 or 6 GB of data a month.

They say that you are limited to 1GB for movie watching on their "unlimited" data plan but what they do not know is that my movie watching doesn't come from known servers such as netflix, hulu and the like.

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Back to the original question.. I realize that the flac solution is probably the way to go but just as a matter of discussion, what about makeMKV?
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I don't think MakeMKV can rip DVD-A, can it?

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Originally Posted by Mrkazador View Post

I don't think MakeMKV can rip DVD-A, can it?

NO.. I don't think so. (I tried it)
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Bell Canada. 1gb a month. Work plan and has to cover all my email and remote work in emergencies. I can really only use basic surfing beyond that. At least I don't have to pay for it, a plan up here with 1gb of data are usually around $75 now.
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