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Wall Mount Max Weight Problem

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Hi All,

My first post here, so I really hope it is in the right section.

The issue I am having is that the wall mount I need (Omnimount Lift70) is rated for tv with a max weight of 70 lbs but my TV (Samsung UN75F8000) weighs 79.1lbs. The reason it has to be this mount is because I need to be able to raise/lower the TV and it seems like this is the only wall mount on the market that does this.

My question is, I understand that it weighs 9.1lbs more than the recommended threshold, but would I still be able to mount it and can reasonably assume that it will function/stay up? Or am I just hoping for too much?

Thanks in advance!
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Most manufacturers test the mounts at much more than what they rate the tv at, so I dont think you will have any issues, however if something ever does go wrong chances are you wouldnt be able to contact the manufacturer.
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Did you bother to Google and read the manual? The first 20 pages or so tell you not to do this. And this is the best reason not to:
It is important that you adjust this product according to the weight of the mounted equipment as described in the following steps.
Any time equipment is added or removed from this product, resulting in a change in the weight of the mounted load, you should
repeat these adjustment steps to ensure safe and optimum operation.
• Adjustments should move smoothly and easily through
the full range of motion and stay where you set it. If adjustments are difficult and do not stay in the desired position, follow the
instructions to loosen or tighten the tension to create a smooth, easy adjustment motion. Depending on your product and the adjustment, it may take several turns to notice a difference.
It will probably won't fall off the wall but depends on a counterbalance to make it easy to move and stay where you move it to, meaning it may not stay where you set it.
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Thank you both for the replies.

Do you know of any other mounts that are capable of going vertical movement? I looked into the ones make by Dynamic Mounting, but don't like the fact that it out and down instead if just down.
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Offhand I don't. I'd start my search here though: http://www.monoprice.com/ (try their live chat)
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