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Good evening folks! I am looking for a little bit of guidance. I recently bought a house and am working on setting up my living room. The first thing I need to buy is a new television. I've been batting back and forth between plasma and led. The viewing distance will be roughly 8-10 feet. There will be light in the room, but I suppose I could buy black out curtains. My main usage for the TV will be watching lots of NHL/NFL, video games, and tv shows. My concern is with plasmas the IR and burn in. video games and sports tend to have images in the same places for extended periods of time. My concern with LEDs is possible blurring with fast paced sports such as hockey. I have also heard hockey on plasmas sometimes doesn't look as good as it does on LEDs. Any advice or guidance?

I have considered the tvs below, but am open to others....


Samsung 60in UN60F8000BFXZA
Samsing 55in UN55F8000BFXZA

Panasonic 60in TC-P60VT60
Panasonic 55in TC-P55VT60