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hello, i am interested in purchasing my first set of home theater recliners i have searched this forum a lot for an answer but im not quite sure what to get i know palliser is a good brand and berk line witch is out of business now im assuming? i am looking for a love seat or just 2 recliner sofas power of course any recommendations my budget is around 2000 as i just need 2 seats no more than that . i prefer it to be really comfy and top quality leather (has to be leather) i don't know if bonded or genuine is the way to go? just dont want it to rip or have problems sitting on it same with mechanism wise for the power and is there any company that does offer warranty for the power like a 5 year ? i am in Calgary, Canada so not sure if i can purchase online or would even want to ?. any help/suggestions are welcome

thanks in advance.