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Need Help Finding Analog Converter with DVR

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Hey guys,

I'm new here and I'll admit, I dont follow this kinda stuff too closely but I need some help.

I have an antenna to get the digital channels thru the air but I needed a solid digital to analog converter box. While doing my research on the best ones, I decided it would be nice to have one with a DVR built in to record shows I miss. I Googled and Googled and came across some key boxes:

DISH DTVpal DVR (aka EchoStar TR-50)
Master CM-7000PAL

Both of these were said to be converter boxes with DVRs, but looking around, they seem to have been discontinued... does anyone know of a successor to either of these or possibly another brand or model that can do the same thing. Preferably not too pricey?!

Thanks for your help!
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Why do you need a converter box? Does your TV not have an ATSC tuner? Do you have an HDTV? Most DVRs will allow you to watch OTA TV in HD, but you must have an HDTV with either HDMI or component video inputs. If you're using an old CRT with no digital tuner, then you'll be limited to watching in SD, but the DVR will still work.

The models currently in production are the PHD-VRX, the TViX 6620, and the iView/Homeworx DVRs, which are essentially the same hardware but with different firmware. The first two can record two shows at once while letting you watch a recorded program, while the second two have only one tuner and cannot watch old recordings while making new ones.

The discontinued models include the DTVPal/CM-7000Pal (again, same hardware, different firmware) and the CM-7400. The 7400 isn't recommended, because it has a weak tuner and often overheats. ChannelMaster is supposedly coming out with a replacement for the 7400, but nobody knows when it will be released.

Each of these units has its own topic for people to discuss the ins and outs of using them, and you should also check out the DVR comparison topic. We can't advise you further until we know your priorities.
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Thanks for the quick reply!

I have a 65" rear projection Sony TV. I believe model KP-65WV600 which has 1080i but no HDMI input, only component... I use HD component cables with my PS3. Since I have component does that mean I dont need the converter? I was under the impression that this TV only accepted analog signals...

I dont like having to pay Comcast for stuff thats free over the air so I was going to get a decent antenna and converter box. I was hoping for a converter box that had a user friendly and quick interface since the first one I bought was rather disappointing. Then I thought having a DVR would be a great addition and so I'm looking for a converter box with a DVR. I'll look into those that you listed.

May I ask you what models of the Iview & Homeworx are the DVRs with analog converters?

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Their topics are among the first five in the list right now. tongue.gif The Homeworx is the 150PVR, and the iView is the 3500STB. You can rule out the TViX, since it does not support component out; HD is only available through HDMI on that model, which is incompatible with your projector.
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Haha I guess I could have looked through those forums, I just figured this was something pretty rare ans so I'd need a specialist. smile.gif Thanks for your help. I think I'll go with the Homeworx one since its on Amazon pretty cheap.

I'm guessing that these all dont have a built in HDD or anything of that nature and I'll have to get an external HDD to hook up to it?
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Both the Homeworx and iView require a USB HDD to record anything, but you can use them to watch TV without one.
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