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A hopefully quick Zobel Network question

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I looked around and this appeared to be the most appropriate section for this but if it is not I apologize and would appreciate redirection.

I have designed a crossover for a two way I am working on (after many months of studying and building some other designs) using a Zobel network on the woofer. My only remaining question I have is how to determine what wattage the resistor in the network needs to handle.

I have read multiple different places saying anything from 10-20% of max wattage to max wattage or even 10% over max wattage of the speaker. (Assuming you drive it at full rms)

In my specific case I have an 8 ohm 50 watt rms woofer (100 watt max) and am trying to figure out what my 8 ohm resistor (or resistors in parellel/series of the same resistance totaling to 8 ohms) would need to handle.

Also just to confirm 100v capacitors are enough as long as you aren't working at high wattages (1500+) correct?
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10 watts should be fine. Yes on the cap question.
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Thanks, just out of curiosity how did you arrive at 10 watts?

Is it just a number that will work all the time or was there some sort of calculation behind it?
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No calculation. It's just a common rating for resistors, and it's never a problem. You have to consider how much power will pass through the component. Consider on a zobel that basically no current will pass through the capacitor that it is teamed up with at frequencies lower than the capacitor cut off. Then above that point, the inductor in front of the zobel will be cutting down power. And how long of duration do you get more than 10 watts going to the speaker? Very short duration.

If you're concerned you can go bigger, or parallel two resistors together of double the R value.

Resistors are rarely put in places with high power demands. That would just make the speaker less effecient.
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Ok, thanks again for the help!
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