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Olympus Has Fallen

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Then watch Olympus Has Fallen. It kept my home theater vibrating from start to finish.
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Kept my theater shaking too. Great bass movie, that was a fun ride.cool.gif
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How was the film ?

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Originally Posted by Art Sonneborn View Post

How was the film ?

I must be missing something -- POST 1 pretty much told the story, but if that were not enough, POST 2 filled in the details.

Well, now...guess I take that back; what you should know about the LFE on this track is that it seems strangely disembodied from the rest of the audio. Someone who pays attention to such things, informs me that this is because the mid-bass frequencies are curiously absent and/or considerably diminished, so that the bass sits by itself at bottom with nothing connecting it to the rest of the audio experience.

I was not that pleased with this presentation. Nowhere near the same league as the marvelous integration of LFE in OBLIVION, which was not only quite pronounced, but so well unified as a homogenous whole that it comes about as close to real life as I might expect to ever get with blu-ray (if real life had musical cues as well)...
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Yea, the part you missed was besides the LFE.rolleyes.gif

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^^^Oh that.

Well, as I indicated, with this flick in particular, LFE IS the only story here. I've seen the rest of this stuff so many times, I'm quite sure I wasn't even paying attention enough to recognize clips from this film I just saw, versus possibly a hundred others....
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