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Which PJ to Buy?

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Hi all,

Just finishing up a dedicated home theater 22' x 18'. with 9' ceilings.

7 Speaker setup with my old Definitive Tech BP3000TL Front., CLR 3000 for center, BPX 's for mids and UIW Rcs III's for rear.

Only two windows in the theater that will get totally dark window treatment so light is not an issue.

Had looked at Epson 9700ub ( perhaps the newer Pro Cinema 6020UB?...) a while back and liked its ability to work with my 2.35:1 screen Anamorphic Lense.
Had initially budgeted 3k to 4k for the PJ.

The screen is 12ft x 5ft approx non curved widescreen 2.35:1 ratio about 16 feet from the chairs.

PJ is mounted on the Ceiling 17' away from the Screen.

Contrast ratio is important, noise is important, must be at least 1080p. HDMI connection.
3D i am not sure if its a must. Lumens should be atleast 1700 to 2000 range.

Thx in advance for suggestions.
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Lumens should be atleast 1700 to 2000 range.

You need to figure more like 700 - 1000 lumens calibrated. I recommend reading a few reviews of current projectors ( Sony HW50, JVC RS46, RS48, Epson 5020 ) here -

3K - 4K is a realistic projector budget.
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