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Best Video Camera Around $1000

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I shoot martial arts lessons, and sometimes just closeups of myself talking.

Right now I'm using a pretty crappy canon from around 2009... it was probably worth about $700 new... I got it for 200 on craigslist.

What are the most popular and best all around cameras of a pretty damn good quality... say around 1000 bucks.

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Hi Trav - welcome to the forum! If you're shooting martial arts, you might want the ability to shoot slow motion like this (please watch at 720p):

The only camera with 720p 120fps slow motion in camera, and a mic jack for your solo shots speaking into the camera, is the Panasonic FZ200 superzoom.

Here is Marlene Hielema from Image Maven using the camera for solo shooting (please watch at 1080p):

The Panasonic FZ200 is $538 at Amazon as of this post, and a few dollars less from BigValue and 6th Ave Express on eBay.

You'll also need a $4 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter to use it with standard microphones.

If you don't need slow motion, the best camcorder in your price range (in my view) is the $859 Panasonic HC-X920. Great in low light, and, as with just about any camcorder, you will be able to flip the LCD around for self-shooting. Here it is at a Kai Bo Ten No Kata in a typical indoor fluorescent lighting situation (please watch at 1080p):

Hope this is helpful!

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For martial arts, you're definitely going to need low light. So I agree with Bill's recommendation of the X920. It also has a FHD 60 fps mode that will give you superior image quality with some slow motion ability.
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thank you for your replies,you have definitely helped in the decision making process
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