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Sony STR-DN840 Issues

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I am trying to use a Sony STR-DN840 receiver with a Samsung UN60F8000. Been fighting with it for almost 2 weeks now, Have tried changing cables and replacing the Sony with a new receiver. Problem is that the Samsung TV periodically gets no video from the Sony. Sony gets sound (although sound goes in and out as I move the HDMI video out cable that goes to Samsung) but Samsung says HDMI cable disconnected. It knows it is connected though because the Samsung senses there is something connected to its HDMI in.

My setup: I have two HDMI cables going into HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 on the Samsung TV. I have two video sources (a Moxi DVR and a FIOS STB) connected to 2 different inputs on the Sony. When it does not work, I cannot get either HDMI 1 (when connected to HDMI out on the Sony) nor HDMI 2 (when I swap cables) to deliver a picture. However, each HDMI cable is fine and delivers a picture when connected directly to the video source.

I have to believe that either (a) the Samsung and Sony are not compatible (seems unlikely) or (b) something is wrong with the HDMI connection to the Sony from either the input source (not likely, especially as I get sound) or the HDMI out. I have tried an alternate cable and it had the same problem. Also, when I move the SONY to a different TV, it works fine.

Any idea?

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I have the same issue with my STR-DN840 and my Samsung PNF8500 TV. I encountered this issue with my first DN840 and decided to return it, thinking it was defective. I had the replacement one working for about a day then encountered the same issue. It seems like when the system is powered down for some time it loses the ability to resync with the TV. 


My symptoms are no video output only audio. I have got it to work a couple of times by powering on the receiver first  then powering the TV. There seems to be some type of handshake issue between the TV and Receiver. My old Insignia brand receiver had no problems with the ARC/CEC functions but maybe sony and samsung dont play well with their versions of the technology.

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I am having this exact same issue with the exact same TV frown.gif I guess no one has found any solutions?
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I have the same problem. Sony KDL-70R550A is connected using HDMI connection to STR-DN840. I think problem started after latest receiver update (around October 2013).  Before the update it worked fine. It turning on TV, but video is not displayed from cable box or roku. When receiver is connected to cable box and I click receivers menu it suddenly display video and sound without any problem. Also if I completely disconnect from electric outlet and reconnect back its working fine. We need SONY to respond!!!

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I have the same issue in which the TV does not recognize the signal from the DN840. 


I have a Sony Bravia HD TV and Comcast cable. The cable box is connected to theDN840 via an HDMI cable.  The DN840 is connected to the TV via HDMI cable to the HDMI 1 port.  The audio is enabled via the speakers connected to the receiver and the TV audio level is set to 0.


The failure seems to occur after the receiver has been set to another input like the Bluetooth, Network or DVD.  When it is switched back to the Cable TV input the TV does not recognize the video input signal from the DN840 or it reports an error that the signal is not supported.  The DN840 audio output to the speakers is also disabled.


If the HDMI cable to the TV is disconnected then the audio from the receiver is re-enabled.  If the HDMI cable is plugged back into the TV the picture is also restored.   This procedure doesn't always fix the problem.  Sometimes it takes several tries or requires switching an other HDMI input on the TV.


Is anyone from Sony listening to this thread?  Can you please comment.





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I found the problem and the solution for my particular problem.  


There was an interaction between the Comcast cable box and the receiver that causes the Comcast box to fail in sending a proper HDMI signal.  I discovered this during a failure by hooking the Comcast box directly to the TV and the TV did not recognize the signal.  The fix is to power cycle the Comcast box by unplugging it, waiting a few minutes then plugging it back in.  The Comcast box then emits a recognizable HDMI signal.  The downside is the Comcast box looses all it's programing info when it's powered off and it takes about 10 minutes to reload it all.


I speculate that the Comcast HDMI firmware is not the latest and this is causing the problem.  When I have the time I will call Comcast support to track this down.

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Same problem with this AVR, xbox one/roku, and panasonic viera tv. No picture, only sound. Receiver works with the other tv in the house and the xbox one/roku work when plugged directly into the panasonic tv. Anyone figure this out?
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Set the audio out to PCM and see what haapens
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