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Gladiator blu ray with better audio?

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I have the remastered Sapphire series Gladiator disk that was sent out by Uni to replace the flawed original release. The deep bass that was present on the original theatrical release and DTS DVD release is gone. In fact its not clear to me that the LFE Chanel is active. Is there an international release with good audio, good video and without forced subtitles?
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No, I have both, the US Paramount Sapphire Series and the European Digibook from Universal.
First, the Paramount Spapphire BD looks better than its Universal European counterpart (no, my European BD is not one of "the bad ones"), both use the same AVC encoding system, but maybe it's because the Universal version has to fit more audio tracks, so it has (I checked, I demuxed the main movie) less space for the movie. The US has a bigger and better video encode.
We may not remember from 13 years ago, but with Blu ray we have lost a channel next to DVD. The first US DVD edition has an 6.1 DTS-ES (matrixed, a pitty as DTS-ES alows for both matrixed and discreet 6.1), all BD version feature a DTS-HD Master Audio on 5.1, no 6.1 and no 6.1 matrixed audio, or at least it's not flagged like this.

For me the best Gladiator edition available is the Paramount Corrected Sapphire series as it has a crisper and clearer (beware, not a product of Edge Enhancement) picture quality, audio seems to be the same on both editions.
And I agree with you, while both the Theatrical Mix and the original DVD mix from 2000 were very aggressive with plenty of bass, this new 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio on BD seems to have been "domesticated", it's not so agressive, surround channels are not so active during the battle scenes and it's shy on bass next to the lossy DTS-ES track on the 2001 DVD. A pitty.

The same happens with Saving Private Ryan, the beginning of the movie, the disembark on Omaha beach and later on it's not as agressive, bass-heavy and inmersive on BD as it was originally on theaters and the first DTS DVD edition.
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The Gladiator DTS DVD had a remixed 6.1 track that DTS supervised, along with The Haunting remake, at a Lucas Digital post facility. They wanted them as powerful as possible to create audio showcase titles for DTS. If memory serves, the Gladiator track decoded as 6.1 discrete channels. Too bad they didn't use the 6.1 PCM master, at least, for the Blu-ray's DTS-MA track as Warner did for the Lord of the Rings Extended Cuts.

As for The Haunting... that had some UNREAL bass in every channel. It was only matched by Inception in shear bass power and depth. Too bad the movie itself was such a stinker.
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