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DVR for Cabe TV?

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OK, I just moved to Indonesia and best I can tell, they do not know what a DVR is. There is little or no satellite over here, so I think we are limited to their cable TV. From what I can tell, it is actually pretty decent cable tv, with over 100 channels, many of which are American, just shown at odd times. I have had a DVR for at least the past 10 years (at least it seems that way), and cannot imaging going back to trying to watch live TV. My DVR's have always been tied into my satellite receivers (DirecTv and SkyTV). So, my question.... Can I buy a DVR when I go back to the states that will allow me to record these shows from the Indonesian cable box? If so, what do I need to buy and how the heck does it work? Is it worth the trouble, or do I just go back 10 years in technology time? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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If they use CableCard, you'd have some options like Tivo, 7MC, etc. Otherwise, your best bet is probably something like the Hauppauge HD DVR
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I'm pretty sure cable card is US only. So a capture device is the way to go.
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You could try one of the Magnavox HDD DVD recorders .... they have composite inputs which may work with the cable box & if your lucky maybe the units digital tuner might work without the cable box if its clearQAM.
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