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Drivers for flat (6.6") subwoofer

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I need to fix the variation in bass between my two rows in my home theater and I have decided to build one or to subs to go behing my panels on the back wall. The problem is, that the sub cannot be deeper than 6.6 inches.

My length mode is 26hz, so it is important that the sub(s) can handle that area well. The only drivers I have found which looks like they could do the job, is:




I dont know if I should make the enclosure sealed or use a passive radiator as well. The passive radiator would give me lots of "free" output in the deeper frequencies but its is more complex to build.

Would appreciate any inputs!
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I could move my seatings 3-4" forward allowing other drivers if it is necessary
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Maybe you should take a look at whats available i DIY car audio. There are many shallow depth woofers available for that. I cant recommend any though, as i simply dont know whats good and whats not.

An other option is 10" woofers. I believe you can fit those in 6,6" enclosures. If you can can build wide and tall you may be able to do a ported cabinet. If you can get another few inches to play with, you should be able to fit ordinary 12" woofers.

How much SPL are you looking for?
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Stereo Integrity are developing a super-flat driver, it's on their webpage smile.gif
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How big in diameter can it be?

The Peerless XLS or XXLS should work. They have an unvented polepiece (they vent the polepiece from holes in the cone, under the dustcap) so the back of the driver can be on the back wall of the cabinet.

Alpine has some really well-engineered woofers that are branded for car-fi but would work in your application, too. I'd take their 8" before the TC one. It'll be better-built and offer at least the same performance. They also have a shallow 12 with a 4" voicecoil that's worth considering if it's not too pricey.
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Pioneer, JL Audio, Kicker, Illusion audio, sundown audio and most other car audio companies make shallow mount sub woofers.
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The alpine TW series shallow woofers are really well engineered but quite expensive. I have the 10" version and it does really well. Expensive though...I think the 12" is $400.
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Thanks for your replies! I really like the JL audio recommendation as I have always read good things about their drivers.

I found this one. http://intl.jlaudio.com/13tw5v2-4-car-audio-tw5v2-subwoofer-drivers-92183
Looks like it is their best shallow woofer? I could make an arrangement with 4 of them on the back wall. (Or maybe 2 is enough?).

I have room for two enclosures measuring 16" x 47" x 6.6". So that leaves a lot of options - I am thinking two enclosures with one or two drivers in each. I would assume this would give me enough SPL at 25hz. I have dedicated DSP for the back-subs so I can boost the rolled of response of the sealed construction.
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