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Past Panny Flicker and the ZT60

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Has anyone who DID NOTICE and get bothered by 2011 or 2012 Panasonics tried the ZT60 where they can say it does or does not do the same thing? The ST50 flicker was so bad that it felt like it was ripping my head in two. Yet the kuro elite 111 does not do that to me. So it's not just all plasmas having the same amount of flicker. And for anyone who does not comprehend what flicker is.... if you never see any IT DOES NOT MEAN that it is not there. Many people will see it and many will not on any given model, thus why I am seeing if anyone happened to notice it a lot on past pannys and if those people still see it on the ZT60.
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Oh and by the way.... by just glancing in a store at the ST60, I am almost positive it has horrible flicker so I am just more or less trying to figure out if the ZT series does something different which lessens it (and I am not only wanting to know about 96Hz as many things won't be in that). I could buy it and try it and return it, but that's a lot o trouble for this big of sets.
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Panasonic's driving methodology has stayed consistent so yes, I can say with near-certainty that you will notice the same effect on the entire 2013 plasma line.

An aside, but I had previously posted about experiencing the same eye fatigue via "flicker" on my friend's ZT60 that I had experienced with my previously owned Panasonic G10. The response that I received to this was that it was set up incorrectly. ("sharpness too high" being the most ridiculous defensive statement) Like yourself, I've owned Pioneers for nearly four years and have never noticed the same strobing nor the slightest bit of eye fatigue.
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I see flicker occasionally at 96hz on my VT60.
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yeah, curly, people always assume it must be something the watcher did wrong. lol And I've even seen flicker in LED sets, so I was surprised when the kuro wasn't bothering me. It bothers me a tad, but not much. If only I could get it fixed, I would have no worries, but it's getting impossible to figure out how.

I think Samsung plasmas don't bother me as much as far as flicker, but when I tried the D7000 plasmas of theirs it made me feel sick so.... something was bothering me, it justw asn't quite the same as pannys.
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I dunno, I saw it originally on the ZT in some brightly lit scenes (even 24p content at 96 hz) but very minimal. Haven't noticed it since nor have i seen it on satellite programming. I'm probably not as susceptible.
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i never notice it.
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I have the 2013 S64 and I see what I heard is called "fluctuating brightness" which is a very quick shift in overall brightness of the panel. A lot of people immediately say it is the CATS (ambient light sensor) but it is turned off. I see it often enough (and line bleeding) that is distracting to the viewing experience.
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