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Cisco Tuning Adapter USB Disconnect After Sleep, Ceton infinitv4

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I've been running on a Ceton Infinitv 4 for about 1.5 years now. Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit, time warner cable, and cisco tuning adapter. The PC I'm running on is a Core 2 Duo, Abit IP35 Pro motherboard, 4 gigs of ram. I've had problems off and on forever with the tuning adapter. I think some of my problems were due to a weak cable signal, which I think time warner finally has that fixed good enough for now.

That leaves me with the problem where randomly when I wake my HTPC from sleep mode the cisco tuning adapter flashes 6 times and I cannot tune any of the encrypted cable channels. For a long time when that was happening typically I would reboot my HTPC and that usually would resolve the issue(which sucks to have to do that). Recently I discovered if I just unplug the USB cable from the tuning adapter and plug it back in, it starts working again.

Ceton had posted on their site a windows 7 "hot fix" to fix USB disconnect issues, I installed that a while ago, I'm unclear if that helped or not, but I'm definitely still having issues.

Anyone else run into this? Is this just a known issue with Cisco tuning adapters? Any suggestions on things to try / do?

I've been thinking about building a new HTPC for a while now, not sure if the USB controller on my motherboard could be what's causing me issues? If I built a shiny new HTPC and this still happened I would be very frustrated.
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I had this happen again yesterday, only this time the only way I was able to get the tuning adapter to re-hook was to restart the tuning adapter and my HTPC. I see lots of views on this thread, but no responses. No one else is running into this or has in the past?
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If you have trouble with TA, just go get a new one. It doesn't cost you dime. These TAs are made with cheapest possible material and design so that they don't cost more than $0.02 to cable providers.

I personally use Silicondust HDHomeRun Prime. TA is connect to the Prime, not PC. The entire tuner is a standalone networking device so that it won't get affected by the PC.
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I don't have a problem on sleep/wake but I do have a problem on restart with the usb version... rebooting TA is hit and miss and takes at least 5 minutes... issuing a reboot command to the infinitv (device web page, log, at bottom type in reboot and click send) or pulling the plug on the usb version usually fixes it in 10-15 seconds (possibly a minute to fully sync with WMC but it doesn't seem that long) I haven't had problems with PCI-e version as I believe the restart of the computer restarts that "properly" but I would be interested to know if the reboot command can also help those that get this problem in sleep/wake. For me, it almost seems like the devices missed a key change and can no longer communicate to one another but the tuner still senses the TAs presence so it doesn't try and renegotiate the connection but restarting the infinitv seems to properly renegotiate the connection.

In my case since it only affects me when restarted, my general fix is to not restart the computer (such as after updates) but do a controlled shutdown then power it back on and it never fails as long as there is proper communication when shutting it down (I attribute this to the USB version remaining powered during the shut down so if it has lost communication, it doesn't try to establish it again). Occasionally, pulling the usb cable to the TA also works but for me it is about 50/50 where powering off and on the TA (plug not button) is about 40% successful. The reboot command is over 90% successful and pulling the plug to the usb unit is 99%. I have tested this extensively a few times, including after any firmware upgrade, to see which way worked best... I do not mean to imply it happens 100's of times during normal function. Only once did I have to power everything down and back up to get it to work again.

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