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Screen Cleaners and Connections

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Hello Everyone,

I am 3 weeks into enjoying my new 65ZT60, coming from an old Sony LCOS. What are you all using to clean your screens with? Any drop-dead-must-have products that you can recommend?

Also, I've been thinking about my setup. I have noticed some 'pixelization' (for a lack of a better term) that wasn't expected...my first thoughts were the source material (BrightHouse HD cable) and the HDMI cabling itself. Sure enough, 3 of my HDMI cables are not high speed, including the cable that connects the TV. I've ordered replacements and am hoping that this simple thing will deliver an improved image. I am using an Onkyo TX-NR609 as the hub for my A/V gear and the HDMI ports are v. 1.4a. I will be buying a new 3D disk player and was thinking about installing that directly to the TV and passing back the audio to my receiver via fiber. Considering that my Onkyo is not the latest tech but my TV and Blu Ray player will be/are, could I expect a truly noticeable improvment in PQ, especially 3D PQ? I thank you in advance for any opinions you might have. Cheers, Jim
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Originally Posted by buzzcock View Post

What are you all using to clean your screens with? Any drop-dead-must-have products that you can recommend?

DO NOT USE Any aftermarket screen cleaning products on your Plasma !! Even if they claim to be safe for Plasmas, they can attack the coating or leave residue or streaks that cause you to use more of the cleaner or rub the screen harder in an attempt to remove it.

The Panasonic manual has info on cleaning the screen - basically only use water sprayed on a soft cloth, and maybe add 1 part mild liquid soap to 100 parts water if you want to use soap. DO NOT rub hard - the AR Coating is very delicate and is easily damaged or rubbed off if you use too much pressure. And only clean the screen when the TV has been OFF for a long time and the glass is cool or cold to the touch, Cleaning it when hot or even warm causes the water to dry before you have a chance to wipe it away and may leave streaks.

I use just plain distilled water on a large piece of an old cotton T-shirt to clean my screens. I also use plain distilled water to clean the windows in my house and on my car, and my car's washer tank has just distilled water - no soap or window cleaner. It works great and leaves no residue.
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I'll echo what randy says -- I wouldn't chance using "screen cleaner" solution with your ZT. I generally wipe smudges away from my VT with a dry microfiber cloth (or add a tiny bit of water for stubborn smudges). You never know how those cleaning solutions will interact with the coating on your screen. I've used them on my glossy LCD and they've caused lots of horrible streaking.

RE: your receiver and a new 3D blu-ray player, the TX-NR609 is not that ancient, it's from 2011....it will support 3D video pass-through with no loss of quality, audio or video. There's no need to connect HDMI direct to the display and run an optical cable back to the AVR; in fact, doing that will actually cause a loss of quality over just using HDMI since optical does not have the bandwidth to support lossless audio tracks like DTS HD-MA or Dolby TrueHD. The only weak point on the NR609 is that it only uses Audyssey 2EQ calibration...if you're interested in a size-able uptick in sound quality, I'd look into a new AVR with MultEQ XT or XT32, like the Denon X4000.

if you're really interested in direct-connecting the blu-ray player to your ZT60, then you can get a blu-ray player with dual HDMI: The Oppo BDP-103, Panasonic DMP-BDT500 (recently discontinued and available for very attractive pricing), Sony BDP-S790, and the Samsung BD-F7500 all have a dedicated HDMI out for video and separate for lossless audio. There is really zero benefit to doing this if your AVR passes through 3D, but it's an option.
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New cables to improve PQ? I doubt it, but anything is possible (although sometimes highly unlikely)...wink.gif
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Thank you, Randy, FUG, and OT!
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