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Using the Dayton Audio iMM-6

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Dayton Audio has an inexpensive microphone which has a calibration file. Parts Express has them here. I have been thinking about purchasing this to calibrate my audio system. I am currently calibrating it using the built-in YPAO of my AV receiver. However there have been times when it sounds like the system could be tweaked a bit better. I have several questions concerning this process.

I have access to an iPhone, an Android tablet and also a notebook computer. For the iPhone I have seen that an app called Audiotools can use this mic with calibration. For the Android table it appears that Audiotool also can use the calibration file. And finally for the notebook Room Eq Wizard will also work. Has anyone any experience with any of these programs, or perhaps with different ones that can accept microphone calibration files? I am on a limited budget so a $600 piece of software is outside my limits.

Will using these programs result in a better setup than that from YPAO? I have noticed that in some of the recent reviews of AV receivers, the reviewers were having problems with the built-in equalization functions of many of the newer receivers. They ended up manually adjusting every one of them.
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This showed up on PE main page today, I'm almost tempted to buy it and "play" with it....
Hey - I've got my new iPhone 5s with its fast processor/etc, get the app below and what the heck.....

anybody else fiddled with this and some simple holding device?


Special Price of $14.90, JohnM - are you going to port REW to smartphone/tablet soon :T
Specifications: • Capsule type: Precision 6 mm electret condenser • Polar Response: True Omnidirectional • Frequency response: 18-20,000 Hz (Calibrated) • Impedance: 200 ohms • Sensitivity at 1 kHz into 1K ohm: 10 mV/Pa (-40dBV, re. 0dB = 1V/Pa) • Maximum SPL for 1% THD @ 1,000 Hz: 127 dB • S/N ratio: 70 dB (A-weighted, varies depending on host device) • Connector: Gold-plated 3.5 mm TRRS • Weight: Ultra-light 7.6 grams.
Help for Android and iPhone users:

There are many applications in the market that provide the smart phone user with audio measurement software. We do not recommend any specific apps, however, in an attempt to assist the new user of an iMM-6 we have listed links and some helpful pointers below. One for the iDevice/iPhone platform and the other for Android devices.


AudioTools app (from Studio Six Digital):


AudioTool by Bofinit Corporation

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