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Okay, so I have a very general question. I have a small apartment and will be viewing content on my high res 2560x1440 monitor and my HDMI projector. My computer has an dvi-out so it's no problem. I have it connected to my stereo with digital audio. However, I want to have cable TV and the receiver has an hdmi-out. My monitor only has dual link dvi as an input.

So here's my question: Can I run the cable TV receiver into my stereo receiver via an hdmi cable and then run the "Out" HDMI on my stereo to the monitor via a hdmi-to-dual link DVI cable converter. As I understand it, the audio signal is lost. However, if I am running my TV receiver into the stereo via hdmi, I am hoping that I would still have the audio signal available via the stereo.

One last question: My stereo only has one HDMI out but I want to switch between my monitor and my projector. Aside from switching cables, is there an easier way? I have a HDMI switch around somewhere... mabye that would do it?