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best picture for $1500

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I have been working on my man cave basement ideas since buying a house. Adding a drop ceiling, making a custom couch, etc...
Looking for a projector for the room now

I have an htpc I built last year and would like to get the most out of it. Thinking about the BenQ W1070 like everyone else in this range, but I want to know the best picture quality for $1500. Willing to go to 2000 if the quality is a huge jump. Need 3D as well. Thanks guys!!!
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For 2D only, B-Stock JVC RS-46 or B-Stock RS-45, or used RS-45. That said, the JVC's are not that good in 3D at all.

There is the Benq w7000 refurbs or Epson 5010 refurb. The w7000 beats the w1070 in sharpness, but not in that many other areas.

New would probably be the Mitsubishi hc8000, but these are generally slightly over $2000. The Sharp xvz-30000 would be better most likely, but then again those are generally going for over $2000 as well (a bit). There are a few hybrid laser-LED DLP projectors just at or under $2000, but there has been very little BUZZ about them overall. The main complaint was not bright enough 3D, and the fact that they were not as sharp as their UHP lamp based competitors (hence the regular DLP's with regular lamps).

You are going to have a hard-time beating the Benq w1070 under $2000 without going to a refurb, unless you give up some 3D quality or don't mind a little ghosting. You could also look into the Refurb Epson 5010's from Visual Apex.com, but these are said to often be shipped out with issues (supposedly).

There just aren't a lot of projectors in the $1200 to $2000 range that provide a big difference, the big increase for new projectors is around $2600 to $3000 (your JVC RS-46's and Epson 5020's).
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Thanks for the advice! I may wait a few months then to get my budget to $2500. Is it really worth it? How much better are these higher end projectors?

I love my panny 54s1 plasma that I have and want close to the same picture quality on a projector.
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From what I've been reading, the Epson 5020 is an excellent choice. I think this is what I'm going with in about 7 months from now unless someone can convince me otherwise. The brightness is good, but not great, 3D rendering looks to be very good with this model and the picture quality in low light to no light is fantastice FROM WHAT IVE READ! Now I need to go see it live somewhere...
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If you are looking for a "plasma like" picture, I think you will find that a DLP projector will get you much closer to what you want than an LCD will.
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What are some dlps you recommend in the 2500 dollar range?
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The Sharp xvz-30000 is your best bet:

Buying projectors from camera stores could be scary, but they have an 8.4 rating on reseller ratings, which probably means they aren't perfect, but they also are not likely a scam bait and switch place.
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Been lurking these forums for the past 3 months deciding on a projector. Just got the benq w1500 and I love it. I cant be happier. It has a good throw ratio. Im set 10ft back to a 120inch screen. Its quiet and the wireless works perfect. Its my first projector so I dont have much to compare it to, but I think the picture looks amazing. I was hesitant because of dlp technology. But now i love the look.I just need to calibrate the picture.
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Where can I demo these projectors? I really want to see the Sharp projector, but there is no where near me that carries one. Do you have to buy it and send it back if not happy? What do you guys do?
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The Sharp is an end-of-life product, but it is very feature rich and has the best contrast out of all these DLP's, a very sharp image, and fully motorized controls.

The poster Zombie10k in this forum and he owns the Sharp as well as most of the other PJ's. I would trust what he says, send him a Private Message.

He owns likes 8 different projectors, including the JVC's, the Sony's, the Epson, a Benq, and the Sharp. He will be the first to tell you that each projector has strengths / weaknesses, but the Sharp is more strengths than weaknesss.

Also check his review in the Sharp thread, it has its own dedicated thread. Honestly, his well-trained eyes having A/B'd all those can tell you the difference better than your own eyes would comparing the projector in a different room.

The only real con of the Sharp is the color isn't quite as accurate and that it is an EOL product, but it still looks really good.

I would take the Sharp, but you won't find it in a showroom or demo.
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Thanks for the input, Coderguy. Ill check out that thread right now.
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From what I've read image quality with the 1500 is on par with or inferior to the 1070 which is much cheaper ... It has other features which make it superior, but apparently not IQ.
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