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Projector needed

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Well, I am in a pinch. Looking for a decent but not expensive projector that will be on a shelf (ceiling) 18ft away from a 110" Elite Screen. Anyone have any recommendations below $1000? (Bargains would be great for now!)
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I bought the viewsonic pjd7820hd. 1080p and 3D. For $699...you will be amazed at the image....and have lots of change left over for other goodies to go along with it! I LOVE mine!
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Looks great but the Lens Shift option is a must evidently for my situation...
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Benq w1070, it has some lens shift but not a lot. Otherwise your only choice would be an Epson 8350, or a Benq w7000 (but that is over $1000).
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You could get a refurbished Epson 8350, they go for 900 dollars on epson's website or visualapex.com
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