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JBL 3252

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Anyone have any experience with the 3252? I am trying to decide between the 3722n or the 3252n and the difference in price is about 250.00 per driver for LCR. I was told that the LF drivers are the same but can't find much info on them (3252n). Substantial savings potential wink.gif
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I think they are brand new, so not much info on them yet.
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Yes, this year. They look like a good option but I'm really wondering about the horn
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It was introduced earlier this year, but has it even shipped yet?

The 3252n seems to be a bit more directional at the higher frequencies, but that's about it.

The 3722n has a lower crossover frequency as well. The 3252n seems to be the cat's meow though.

I would say that the price difference is $300 per speaker.
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Yes...its available for ship....biamp version used in china...us, no bi amp version..

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any advantages or disadvantages to lower crossover?
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Originally Posted by 316 View Post

any advantages or disadvantages to lower crossover?

Driver specific, apples and oranges, etc. etc. In this case the difference has more to do with the horn.

Either of these models will produce similar sound, both are designed to provide high SPL in a commercial theater (large room). How they might behave in a HT is an open question and dependent on setup. The more expensive model has slightly beefier drivers and cabinet.
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I was told through spectrum audio from JBL the LF driver is the same but I really would like to verify that...cabinet size is different from what I see in spec sheet but not sure of cabinet thickness.
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Ordered the 3722N...they just seem to be a more higher quality over the 3252...hope im right!smile.gif
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The 3722N's should rock your world! They are awesome speakers!
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Yes sir! Im really looking forward to them ....and.... I bought 4 Stereo Integrity HT 18" Subwoofers eek.gif I must be going crazy lol wink.gif
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WOW!!! I got my 3722's in today and wow am I impressed with the cabinet quality and size! Have not heard them yet but the look like the real deal! these things are huge!
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Be sure to break them in as mine sound like crap at first and thought it was a huge mistake. Those 15's need to loosen up. It took about 6 demos of WOTW at reference and everything was good!
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Ok...wil do! smile.gif
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316: Any review or report back on your 3722n speakers? I have eye on those as well.
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Dave, been playing with them for about a month or so and I am very happy with them..they have some serious output too. It took a while for me to figure out issues with my Emotiva UMC-200 paired with the 3722 but I got all that sorted out. I thought it was a speaker issue but it was not. For some reason the UMC-200 calibration is not the best for music but fantastic for movies....so a little tweaking with th eq is needed to make them sing with music otherwise they are very flat and veiled.
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Thank you. How big is your room?
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