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I'm dizzy... Server for only one room...

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Ok so I've come to the realization that when it comes to servers, I'm just an idiot. I have a Dune HD Smart D1. I've been ripping my collection to 1 & 2 tb drives and just using a HDD USB adaptor with one HDD at a a time and I have an old school list of what movies are on what drives. When I only had a couple of HDDs it was not a big deal, but now I'm kind of defeating the purpose of the streaming player. So, I have the original BDs so I can take the physical disc to another room if I need. I'm basically not interested in streaming to multiple players in multiple rooms because movie watching takes place 99.998% of the time in the theater. If I just want one player to access my digital files, is it different than what ppl are using for whole house streaming? I also don't "need" raid since I can re-rip my discs, but that would be a major pita. And just because I'm using the words server and raid, please don't assume I know that I know anything other than how to spell them. biggrin.gif

I probably need 20tb to be safe but more would be better. I've read some threads but like my subject says, I'm dizzy. I am just honestly at a loss as to how to accomplish this. Help? Thanks
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I forgot this link.


If I one or two of those, would I just plug it/them in via USB and be good to go, plus be able to use something like mymovies?
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There are several threads on this forum about servers for example UnRaid, FlexRaid, ubuntu, etc. Hell, if you Google or YouTube how to make a server you will have many options. It is pretty simple to do. If I built an UnRaid server anyone can do it. Here's a guide done by Damian.

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I built my own unraid server about 7 years ago - I just switched to Synology last week.

I do not want to turn your thread into a Unraid vs. Synology so I will stick to my personal experience which is simple - Unraid can do a lot of cool things if you have the time and patience. If you want something that is easier to figure out, but costs a little more than Synology is the way to go IMO

I had my Synology up and running in 1 hour, it took me a few days to figure out my Unraid. I wanted to get my Unraid to work with UpNp, to do that I had to add files to the boot drive and, in reading folks experience getting UpNp to work with Unraid some lost data because they didn't do it right; on Synology I clicked a button to get UpNp.

Good luck on your choice; there are a lot of different opinions and if there was one right answer everyone would be using it so have fun along the way

My setup - Dune Player / Oppo 95 / Unraid server / Synology 1812+ / Samsung UN75F8000AFXZA

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GUS- thanks for the link. I've read every thread I think on here. Just need to slow down and try to comprehend wink.gif

LEWIS- I hear ya. If there was one right option I'd be in a much happier place biggrin.gif
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