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basic question about Denon 1911

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Hey there,

I had to have my Denon 1911 repaired under warrantee. Among other things, the microprocessor was reset, and I need to reconfigure things.

My initial setup was professionally installed, and I am attempting to put things back together myself. Here is a problem I have encountered: When using the universal remote, I select "watch blu ray," which used to power on the BD player and switch properly to receive BD input. Now, when I select "watch blu ray" on the remote, I can see on the AVR that it goes to DVD player instead of BD, which is a separate HDMI input. So I just get a black screen and no audio until I go back to the AVR remote and push the "BD" button.

Not really sure why this would have changed, but I guess it did. One solution I can think of is to simply plug the BD HDMI into the DVD input. The question I have is will that have any adverse effect? Does the AVR process these connections similarly, or do I really need to have it go through the BD input.

By, the way, the initial problem I was having, which required repair under warrantee, is that I believe the one of the HDMI ports failed. Think they may have replaced the board. Just seems strange that the AVR now interprets the same signal from the remote differently than it did before the repair.

Thanks for your time.
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No you don't need to have it in the BD input .. it either works or it doesn't otherwise they are all the same which is the way the professional installers had it connected otherwise the remote would not work correctly has you recently learned.
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