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I just want to watch some baseball....

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I live in Lincoln, Ne. I get FSMW with my Directv package. They carry St Louis Cardinals games, but they're blocked because we're not in the Cardinals viewing area.

The local Baseball Team is the KC Royals, but they're carried on FSKC which I can't get with my package.

Doesn't it make sense either to extend the Cardinals area to include all of FSMW or give those of us in Nebraska FSKC?

I feel like this is a bait & switch by Directv because I asked this question specifically of support when I changed plans last week. I was assured that I'd get the Cardinals if I got FSMW.

Do I have any hope of getting this resolved?
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The satellite guys (they are the mac daddy of satellite forums ).
There are Direct TV and Dish TV sub forums there .
Direct TV and Dish employees and cust serv reps participate there and are usually available sometimes they are very helpful in assisting subscribers with their concerns If any body can help you, they can (or maybe tell you who can ) as some of the folks there are elevated well beyond the normal cust serv. reps you get on the phone.
They frequently can look up your account (or have some one do it) to see if they can help.

Problem is a lot of these sports broadcast situations involve MLB ,individual team ,network , broadcaster ,FCC regs, and other legal concerns that may not be entirely under the control of your service provider. They seem to explained well in the post below. OTOH the folks mentioned above may be able to help you with regards to
how the Direct TV CSR handled your service change.


EDIT looks like cgmv123 below has pretty good info there
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Nebraska is exclusively Royals territory*. St. Louis's territory only extends halfway across Missouri.

DirecTV carries most RSNs nationally, but live games are only available in market.

Since you are outside of St. Louis's territory, their games on FSMW are blacked out, since the rights to their games outside their TV territory belong to national broadcasters. Your only choice is to buy MLB Extra Innings (or MLB.TV or MLB.TV Premium), the out-of-market packages for MLB.

The Cardinal's Sunday night game vs. the Brewers on September 22 will be broadcast by ESPN nationwide, without blackout restrictions.

*Portions of NE Nebraska are also Rockies territory, but not anywhere near Lincoln. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MLB_Blackout_Areas.png for further details.
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