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Samsung PN60F5500 Burn In

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Three months ago I got a PN60F5500, and spent the $300+ on HHGregg's 5 year warranty that is supposed to cover everything, including if you just aren't happy with the picture anymore.

I have some faint burn in, but its definitely noticeable on a white or light background. There is a "ghosted" outline image of the "H" from history channel in my bottom right corner.

This is not my first plasma, Ive had/have many others, and haven't had any issues with real burn in. I get IR a lot, but never something that wouldn't go away after a few minutes of scrolling. I let scrolling go for hours and its still there. I also did a 100hr slide break in when I got it. Cell light is on 12/20, contrast 90/100, brightness 51/100.

Samsung doesn't cover burn in, and the people in the stores at two location said to call the warranty company and it was covered. I called and spoke with two different people at different times of the day and both state they don't cover burn in. Called the store back, and they said they would call them and get it worked out. Few hours later, they call back and say they looked up the original purchase and cant find anything that says if it does or doesn't cover burn in

I went back to the store I got it from, spoke with the salesman and the manager. Its practically a new TV, you cant tell its used, and its been three months. I spent $1600 on it, just bought a $2500 tempur-pedic bed from them, and have bought many other TVs there. I asked if they could make an acceptation and do an in store exchange or credit, and Id get an even more expensive TV. They wont because its past 30 days. They just sent an email to corporate and said they would call me within 3 days.

Anyway, aside from continuing to run the scrolling, is there anything else I can do to try to remove it, or make it fade more?
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I have the 64" 5500 it will go away in a couple of days. I was watching the food network today for an hour; the logo is currently on the bottom right of the screen....can see it faintly..
its more of an annoyance then anything else..
its like I have to babysit the tv instead of relaxing n watchin
but overall the picture is great
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Its been there for over a month now, its not going away. I figured Id give it some time to see if it would, and keep running the scrolling, but it hasn't yet.
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