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Dual masking motorized screen options

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Hey all

I'm looking for a screen upgrade, specifically a high-contrast (i.e. gray) motorized 2.35 ratio screen with a masking system to drop it to 1.78. Size should be between 54" and 58" high.

As far as I can tell only Da-Lite offers this, with the High Contrast Cinema Vision material: http://www.da-lite.com/products/product.php?cID=33&pID=400

I would prefer a Black Diamond 1.4 or Stewart Firehawk G3 over the Da-Lite HCCV, based on samples and reviews, but doesn't seem like they offer a masking housing. Do I have any other options? Maybe some add-on?
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Stewart makes several - http://www.stewartfilmscreen.com/residential/products/variable_masking_dedicated_fixed/variable_masking_quick_refrence/variable_masking_quick_refrence_residential.html

The Firehawk is much much better than the HCCV material IMO. I've owned both.
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To be clear the screen itself needs to be retractable as well...are those?
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Yes, they do make them - http://www.stewartfilmscreen.com/residential/products/variable_masking_multimedia/variable_masking_quick_refrence/variable_masking_quick_refrence_residential.html

However, you could consider what I did - getting 2 screens - one 2.35:1, and one 16:9. Might cost less overall.
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Oh! Somehow I missed those.

Do you have focus issues with the 2 screens? Are they identical except for the aspect ratio?
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No focus issues - they are only about 4 inches apart. And no, the 2.35:1 screen is a StudioTek 130 G3 - 118" x 50' x 128' diagonal. The 16:9 screen ( currently a Da Lite HCCV - 106" x 59.6" x 121.6 " diagonal ) is in the process of being replaced with a Stewart Neve 1.1 screen. The best of both worlds, and less expensive than most electric masking screens.


Just a different idea to think about.
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Hmm ok. List prices tell the tale I guess.

Vertical ElectriScreen ElectriMask EMC128SFHG3-12-3-5 - $9,606 list


Luxus Model A LX100HFHG3-12-2-5 - $4,228 list
Luxus Model A LXC125SFHG3-12-3-5 - $4,939 list
= $9,167 total list

Although the 125" is slightly smaller. I'll send you an email.
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Would a reasonable option be apply the Silver Fire paint mix to a cheap masking screen like the Da-Lite Dual Masking Electrol?

It's not clear to me if Silver Fire DIY is better or worse than the Da-Lite HCCV.
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