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I've read some threads talking about clips and channel on the ceiling causing the ceiling to shake noticeably when people walk across the floor above. I am just wondering if anyone can comment on the severity of this issue.

Since I plan to use old work recessed lights (with backer boxes mounted on hat channel), I'm worried that shaky ceiling drywall will cause a very annoying earthquake-like experience if the lighting is constantly in motion when people walk overhead. At my old house I didn't use any soundproofing measures, and my projector was mounted directly into the joist, right next to a support beam, and even there the projector picture would shake some when people walked by above. I would think this effect would be significantly worse if I were to mount to the "floating" drywall. I could tie directly into the joist framing for the projector mount, and lose some decoupling, but I don't think I'd want to do that for all of the recessed lights.

Honestly, I'd probably trade the sound decoupling for the lighting stability if I had to make the choice. Any comments?