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Sound proofing basement ceiling

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I am in the process of finishing my basement. I'm about done with the framing and working on the electric now. The basement is a full basement and I'm doing the entire thing. There is a bar area that will lead into a multi media/theater room. I'm not calling it a "dedicated theater but I plan to do a projector system in their. So I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do for insulation and "sound proofing" this basement. My main concern is keeping the sound in the basement so my wife isn't yelling at me when i'm either at the bar cranking the tunes or in the media room watching a movie! So really I want to make sure the ceiling is as sound proof as I can. There is duct work that goes along the length of the entire basement so I don't know if there is a way to prevent the sound from also traveling up through the vents? I also have a lot of recessed can lights in the ceiling. Our bedrooms are on the second floor so late at night there will be a whole floor in between the basement and the bedrooms but I still would like to keep as much of the sound down in the basement as possible without spending a fortune. Any advice would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.
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I am in the process (planning anyway) to do the same thing. My room is finished but the ceiling can be accessed through a utility room adjacent to the wall. I am planning to blow in insulation between the joists which run the length of the room. I suppose you can do the same thing . . .

I am interested in what others would suggest though . . .
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Search the threads. There is a ton of info. I have a full basement that is Bar/TV (80"+58"). I have 4-18" subs and regular 5 channel surround. The simple answer is there is no way to soundproof your basement on the cheap. I used roxul in all the joists (many will feel this is unnecessary vs regular bat insulation), i enclosed all my pots in sealed mdf boxes, i tried to seal as many cracks as possible with sound caulk, On my ceiling and a few walls, i used soundproofing isolation clips and mounted double layer drywall with green glue in between. I filled all my gaps in the door jams with spray foam and used solid doors. I did not take the time or $ to go after the HVAC. The results have been good. The higher frequencies are extremely dampened. At 110-155DB, not a lot of the higher frequencies are at a level to be bothersome to anyone on the main floor. If you follow the HVAC runs, you can hear noise through them (at low levels though). The low frequencies, however, are still coming through a bit. I still haven't added any bass traps or properly treated the room, which i'm confident will help (somewhat). Sound is like water-it will find the path of least resistance and leak. If you're not a bass head and watch at sane levels, then i would think bat insulation, clips, double drywall and GG would suffice. Head over to the soundproofing company website for some great reading. They were also excellent to deal with.
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Sounds like a great project.

I tell people that if you really want to do this it is quite an undertaking but well worth it.

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At minimum, insulation. Then boxed sealed cans, seal (spray foam) any openings, next 2-layer drywall, if you have a high ceiling, drop down with another insulated false ceiling. Insulate around your ducts. Do they open into both the basement and first floor? Having the floors on separate runs would help. Just a question of how far do you go. Do you have a good door? No junky hollow ones.
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