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Best way to upgrade - help!

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My local film society is using a still-working-fine Sanyo PLV-70 projector (1366x768, WXGA) and an also-still-working-fine Oppo 971H DVD player. We project onto a zero-gain 130" wide (155 diagonal) screen from about 21'. We normally have about 40 people in attendance. I'm getting ready to approach my working group and talk about upgrading to better equipment, but I'm somewhat at a loss to know what to ask for.

On the one hand, I think we'll need to go straight to Blu Ray to compete with ever increasing capabilities in homes and local theaters. We're not trying to replace those venues, but we don't wish to pale in comparison. But, even buying used (as I did with the above named equipment), I think I'm looking at $3k and up to get something halfway decent. We only use the equipment no more than 100 hours a year, so I don't want to overspend, as well.

I've been focusing on replacing the Sanyo, but now wonder if I could get away with replacing the Oppo, at least for the time being. We wouldn't get HDMI, much less Blu Ray, though. What I don't understand is what my pictures might look like with a) an upgraded DVD player vs. b) upgrading the projector to HDMI vs. c) upgrading the projector to an inexpensive HDMI like the Panny AR100U (or whatever you might suggest) and the DVD player to Costco-type Blu Ray vs. d) upgrading the projector to a used HDMI like the JVC RS55 (in that ballpark) and the DVD player to, say the Oppo BDP-103? I'm just trying to see how to visualize these differences as the first step in deciding what choices to make.

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I don't think a JVC RS55 is going to be bright enough to replace the Sanyo you currently have. You might want to sit tight until after Cedia when the new projectors are shown - wait 2 weeks to see what new options become available,
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What's your total budget? and can you sell off the old equipment to help finance new stuff?
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Great! I'll do that. Can you suggest a couple of URLs or at least point me to the sites/threads that are likely to have the kind of information I'm looking for?
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My budget will be around $3000 plus the dollars from the sale of my current equipment. Any idea what a gently used Sanyo PLV-70 (maybe 500 hours on one bulb and 300 on the other) and a work horse Oppo 971H might fetch?
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The Epson 5020 might be a possibility for you - http://www.projectorreviews.com/epson/home-cinema-5020/index.php

Couple that with an Oppo 103 Blu ray player.
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I don't get it; maybe I'm too dependent on projection calculators. Or, I'm doing something wrong. But, when I use the calculator for my Sanyo, it says my image brightness for my 150" diagonal screen is about 15 fL, about 13 fL for the JVC, but only 10 fL for the Epson 5020. Plus, the review talks about screen size and doesn't approach the size I have (which is has no gain). Is this one of those instances where the calculator uses manufacturers' numbers, but that the standards just aren't there? If so, then I need to rely on folks like you who can "interpret" the numbers based on your real world experiences. A bunch of projectors seem to fit more "natively" into the 150" diagonal screen and 20' throw more than this one. What other criteria should I be looking at that makes sense out of this? Thanks again.
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I couldn't find an actual review for your Sanyo with real lumen numbers - too old a projector. I'd wait thought to see what exactly is new at Cedia in your price range, that might be bright enough.
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