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Help choosing AVR and Blueray player

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I'm setting up a new home theater in an open basement environment that will be less than ideal from an acoustic perspective. If you look at the picture below, I've purchased the following speakers and now am looking to select a receiver and blueray player.


As you can see in the picture, the space is very open with the theater area open to the area with the bar and pool table. I will have a 5.1 system set-up when watching movies with:

Monitor Audio Shadow 50 L and R
Monitor Audio Shadow Center
Monitor Audio CT285FX rears
Monitor Audio Sub RXW12

I also have two additional Monitor Audio CT285's in the pool table area that I would like to connect to zone 2 of the receiver and these would be used when listening to music and would always be the same sound selection as the 5.1 system (I would never be playing different inputs in zone 1 and zone 2 - I just want the option to turn the speakers over the pool table on/off as needed).

So I am considering the Marantz line of receivers SR5007, SR5008, SR6007 - The 5007 was on sale for $599 but seems to be out of stock at most locations I have found and then I can buy the 6007 for $100 less than the 5008. Really just looking for the best receiver that will be suitable for my speakers and environment but wiling to spend the money to buy the right product.

Which receiver would you recommend and would you be considering other brands besides the marantz? Is there a reason to go with Integra, Onkyo or Pioneer Elite over Marantz?

What about the Blueray player - was thinking of either the Oppo 103 or the Marantz UD5007?

Any input from some of you experts would be appreciated.

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Any receiver with a "Party Mode" (at least that's what Yamaha calls it) will be fine. That's the feature that allows the same source from the main zone (downmixed to 2.0 if it's a 5.1-channel source) to be played over Zone 2. Marantz are fine but the more powerful Denon and Yamaha, and Pioneer Elites will do as well.

On the Blu-ray player, even if you get the Marantz receiver, go for the Oppo disc player. More features and it's regarded as a strong performer as picture quality and performance go.
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thanks JBW - any model of the Pioneer Elite you'd recommend? Anyone else?
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The Denon AVR-X2000 is a 7.1 AVR with Audyssey MultEQ XT that could do 5.1 + Zone 2. Review post #2 in the Denon AVR E/X Models thread for more details.

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Thanks for the link JD. Do you work for Denon or D&M?

How do you think the X2000 compares with the Marantz 6007? I know the 6007 is last years model but found it for $799 on Amazon and I have heard the set-up/interface and the internal components are better in the Marantz line over the Denon of comparable models.

Any truth to that in your opinion? Any reason for the X2000 over the 6007 other than the $150 lower price?
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No. Both X2000 and 6007 use Audyssey MultEQ XT so would be comparable audio quality wise. Some prefer Marantz for stereo music listening and Denon for movie 5.1 surround listening, so you may want to take that into consideration. I would check the features closely for each model (eg. 6007 has full set of main zone pre-outs whereas the X2000 does not; however, the X2000 can pass HDMI audio to Zone 2 whereas the 6007 cannot) and determine which best meets your needs.
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I did get my system installed and wired this week but have not attempted to configure as I upgraded my AVR from the Marantz SR6007 to the SR6008 to allow for a zone two video selection for the set in the theater area and in the bar area.

I am going to attempt to configure this system on my own and wonder if anyone has any words of advice or online materials they would suggest following in doing the set-up. The printed manuals that come with the equipment don't seem to contain much detail so I think it will be trial and error trying to do it on my own.

My biggest concern is trying to get the speakers configured correctly so that I have a nice sounding 5.1 system for watching movies and then finding the correct way to add in the additonal two speakers over the pool table (see diagram in post #1) area when listening to music or during a party. Any advice on how to accomplish using the SR6008. (I've seen references to in other forums about the HDMI connections not supporting zone two audio???)

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Review the Audyssey 101/FAQ Guide linked below to include using either a mic boom stand or camera tripod to support the Audyssey mic.


For passing HDMI audio to the Zone 2 speakers, set the Zone 2 HDMI Audio setting to PCM (p. 184 OM).

Also now that you own the 6008, you are better served posting any additional questions in the 6008 Owner's thread linked below ...

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