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Confused Beginner

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I’ve been reading this forum off and on for about a year and so.

There’s heaps of information to absorb but all it’s left me is confused.

At present, I have a Panasonic PT-AE900E aimed at a pull-down Luma projection screen (which is colored a very light gray) and I use the setup to show standard DVDs from the library (domestic funds are tight at the moment). Even though the screen is unfurled only twice every week, there are some minor “waves” in the screen starting to appear.

The living room is approximately 30 ft x 13ft and the distance between projector and screen is 12 ft and, once the curtains are fully drawn, there is barely any light entering the room when movies are shown at night at weekends.

Bearing in mind that funds are extremely limited, ideally, what I’d like is a lightweight screen (which can be lifted or rolled into position when required) and capable of displaying a picture equal to or better than the existing Luma screen.

What do you suggest?

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Sorry, I forgot to mention that the existing Luma screen measures 98" diagonally.
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Sorry I asked.
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Unless your requesting information on how to "Build" such a screen as a DIY project, you should post on this Forum:


And BTW, even on that Forum, you need to understand that any posted request will not always garner an immediate...or even same day response. Posting is a "Roll of the Dice" affair, and the subject and timing of such can be all important factors.

So don't be sorry.....be persistent.
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Sorry Mississippi Man; I wasn't being sarcastic. I just thought my question was probably a little too simple for this forum.

But thank you for taking the time to reply.-- I read all your posts avidly.
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Well then, what can we do to assist? Are you considering DIY? Do you need a recommendation as to how to have a portable DIY screen?

There are several ways to go about it, and different approaches to take to assure excellent performance. The latter however depends upon the needs dictated by the room.

A lightweight Fabric Screen on a fixed Frame ids a potential solution, because:
  • It resolves the :waves" issue.
  • ....it's going to be very portable at 92" diagonal.
  • (relating to no.2) it will mount quickly using a simple French Cleat method
  • It's specific performance can be tailored to your needs (ie: the Panny 900's performance envelope)
  • ....it's going to be pretty darn inexpensive at 92" diagonal considering it's end results and for being a "Fixed" screen.

Only Tab Tensioned Retractable can go the distance toward preventing or eliminating waves, and they are neither lightweight or easily movable.

See...persistence pays off! wink.gif
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You're the man, Mississippi Man!

"A lightweight Fabric Screen" seems to be the answer.

If you could point me to a particular post (s) that details the construction of such a screen, I'll get into it and buy the materials (there's a Spandex sale on at the moment near where I live in Oz).

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How lucky are you........ biggrin.gif


This project is on going...and although 2.35:1, is essentially what you want to consider doing anyway.

The Spandex you want to use as the actual "Projection" surface "MUST" be of the matte Milliskin variety....and because your Panny clocks in with just 1100 lumen w/a "New" Lamp, you need to use White over Silver...or Dark Gray or Black. The latter selections can be a "Moleskin" however.

What to expect? http://www.avsforum.com/t/1458217/a-135-diagonal-2-35-1-white-milliskin-over-light-silver-milliskin-spandex-screen-build

Gonna Trim it out?
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Thanks Mississippi Man.

I'll be having a Mississippi mud cake on the weekend. So, I'll have an extra slice in your honor and wash it down with a cheap and nasty Oz ale.

Thanks again!
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