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Connection question: PC + Projector + AVR + speakers

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Hey gang,

I'm a total rookie seeking some (hopefully) basic answers regarding my setup that I'm struggling to make work...smile.gif

My intent is to play music/movies from my desktop pc, through my projector and AVR w/5.1 speakers.

Projector: BenQ W1070
AVR: Sony STR-DN1040
Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3
Graphics card: EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti

My main question is what connects to what? rolleyes.gif I tried connecting my PC to AVR via HDMI, as well as projector to AVR via HDMI, but had no luck getting any sound or video from the computer regardless of what HDMI inputs I was using on the AVR. The only thing I've found any luck with was Projector to PC and using my PC speakers, but this leaves out the AVR/surround speakers completely. I can play the FM radio through the surround speakers using the AVR, so at least I know the speakers are working biggrin.gif

Could anyone provide me with some options to get me started down the right path?

Thank you for any input!
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Usually you would connect the PC to a HDMI Input on the AVR, and the AVRs HDMI Output to the Projector.

Maybe your AVR wasn't switched to the correct input (the one you connected your PC to)?
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Aha! Thank you - I did the HDMI out to projector and that is working now smile.gif

Still trying to get the PC into the mix. Do I need to run an HDMI from my computer into the AVR from the graphics card, specifically, or just my mother board? I've been doing just the mother board but may grab an HDMI Mini to HDMI cord tonight so I can try the graphics card route.
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Since the projector will be the PC's screen, you need to connect the graphics card to the AVR.
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Perfect. Thank you very much for your help, you two. It's up and running smile.gif Now I need to upgrade my gpu to support 3 monitors so I can use my dual screen setup while the projector is in use. Any recommendations?
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Assuming you aren't doing surround gaming then there is no need. Just use the onboard graphics for the 3rd screen.
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Thanks, ikkuranus -

I've tried switching both my projector (acting as monitor 1 when plugged into the graphics card) and second pc screen (monitor 3) into my onboard with no luck.

I'm running windows 7, and when using the "Multiple Displays" drop-down menu to try out all the options to try to get all 3 displays working at once, I only get two results: It changes one of the drop down options of a display to "Disconnect this display" or I get a message saying "Unable to save display settings."

Should I be doing something different?

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