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Pioneer DVL-909 problems

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I'm attempting to hook this up to my Panasonic P50S60 plasma. I hooked up the player via component inputs. The DVD played in black and white. The laserdisc wouldn't play. It just gets rejected. The unit has sat for many years. The TV only has 2 HDMI inputs and the component inputs. I could set up a switch/splitter combination if I need to. Currently my cable TV and DVD player take up the HDMI ports. My concern is that the 909 is screwed up. Is there any type of basic cleaning/oiling I can/should do?
I also have a CLD-79 that I'm going to try next if I can't get this to work. That will require a switch because it only has S-video or composite for the video.
I plan on running all of the audio through my receiver. Unfortunately it is older and has no HDMI options.But iIt does have AC-3 out.
Maybe I can find someone with TV that has component inputs and try it there. Where would you start?
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I have this player as well. I still use it to watch LDs. I have it hooked up to a Panny VT50.

Using the component cables will not allow you to view LDs. You have to use S-Video or RCA composite. I use RCA composite.

In between the LD and TV is a Denon 4331. The Denon up converts and sends the LD signal via HDMI.

When you say rejected, meaning you don't see it but disc is spinning or the disc ejects when you hit play? If it is the latter, sorry, can't help you there. If it is the former, change the connections to RCA.

Not sure why the DVD is black and white. The player may have a bad internal connection or maybe you got the wires mixed up? Recheck those connections. Maybe gently wiggle the connections to see if color shows up.

In order for you to have Dolby Digital play, you must have an RF demodulator hooked up between LD and receiver. Older receivers have an AC-3 input but doubtful yours does as it apparently has HDMI. DTS LDs just use optical. Then send the output of the demodulator to an open input on the receiver.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

example of RF demodulator.. this is the one I have... this one pictured is sold though...

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The more I think about this AC-3 isn't that important right now. I do have around 400 LD's and maybe a dozen are AC-3. I think I have more DTS. I sucked them up when ever I found them. BTW, most of the discs were purchased used, dirt cheap, after everyone had to have DVD's.
The problem could be the DVL-909. Checked my connections and still black & white. I have a CLD-79 I'll hook up and I picked up a Sony STR-DG820 for under a $100 because it has HDMI inputs. It's a little short on power but I have a pair of powered Velodyne F-1200's in my set up so that's not a concern. I have a Sherwood R-945 hooked up now and it has AC-3 but no HDMI inputs. I'll pick up a composite to HDMI converter for the LD and a HDMI switcher as my TV only has 2 inputs for my HD cable signal and Blu-Ray.
The Sherwood does have a AC-3 input. I also have a Yamaha DSP-A1, but I need to get it looked at, left channel problem. That's the one I really want to have in my setup.
Why did you go with the BK demodulator? My 1st choice was going to be the Pioneer RFD-1 then if not that, the Yamaha ADP-1 or 2. Found a used ADP-1 for $120, delivered. Also a Sony Mod RF-1 for $150. That's it! These things appear to be pretty scarce. I know nothing about them because I never needed one but it looks like I'll have no choice with a newer receiver. I'm debating buying one because they are probably not making them anymore. Is there much difference between brands? I can't find out much before I buy one.
Thanks for replying.
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I went with B&K because the AVR 704 was the heart of the my equipment and I wanted to keep it B&K. B&K do (did?) make quality products.

The demodulators are pretty scarce so if you want one, look at what's available and choose. I'm sure whatever you pick will do the job. Good luck.
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First, you need to make sure you have selected component for the output format from the main menu with no disc installed to get component color for DVD's. The selection I believe is either S-Video or Component.
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