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Wallingford, CT: looking for help purchasing correct antenna.

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Hey All,

Local cable company decided to encrypt even local broadcast channels, requiring me to have a STB on every TV in the house. Not acceptable. As a result I want to cut the cord and just go to OTA broadcasts supplemented with HULU or something. Can anyone recommend a good antenna setup for my situation? I can go rooftop but live in fairly densely populated area and would like to keep the install looking clean and compact if possible.

Below are my TV fool stats, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..

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Any help folks? I was thinking 2 directional antennas, one aimed north one aimed south west. Perhaps the RCA ones that are frequently recommended here, the ant751 I believe. Then use some kind of diplexer and amp or something.

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That RCA 751 is good for your nearby stations. A step up for more reliability would be Antennacraft HBU-22 from RadioShack. But, if you want some more distant channels including NYC, then a stronger antenna would be required. I see WCBS has a translator signal about 43 miles, and Empire State building is about 72 miles for the others.
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Thanks. I'll look into the other antenna. Think is should try for nyc? Thinking I'd get lots of channel interference if I try for all those too..
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I doubt you will get any NYC channels based on the signal strength on the chart. I would concentrate on your local channels.
Since ABC and MyN are only about 7 miles away, it is possible to get only one antenna and aim it more or less in a Nw direction in a sweet spot to get the other channels as we'll. I would try one antenna first, and go from there. I would go for the HBU-22. Try on 1 tv first . If you start adding more tv's and notice channel dropouts, then you need a preamp.
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That TV Fool report is for 60 feet. Do you have the ability to install an antenna at that height? If not run another report at the level of your anticipated installation.
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Yes, 60ft would have been ASL, not AGL. I'm guessing that I could get about 40ft AGL if I add a small mast to my chimney on my roof. Below is an updated TV fool analysis.


So I'm thinking I will purchase an HBU22 and attach it to a mast I outfit to my chimney. I will tinker some with the direction of the antenna and if I find I need 2 (pointed is separate directions) I can go that way later. I will likely want to run a 5 -6 TVs off the antenna, so I'm assuming an amp will be needed down the road. Any suggestions for that as well?

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Little change with the report at 40 feet. You should still get the channels.
There are several pre-amps out there. Channel Master and Winegard are 2 that come to mind. RCA also makes a pre-amp.
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