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WHA Question

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Apologies if this has been asked and answered, I tried searching and didn't find exactly what I'm looking for, but I'm hoping folks here can help me out.

I just purchase a house with a couple of pairs of speakers installed in the ceiling. I haven't moved in yet, and therefore I haven't tried tracing all of the wires, but I was told 'it never really worked'. I'd like to get it working, and add some more speaker pairs/zones.

Here is what I want: 6-8 zones with 2-4 inputs. I don't see any volume controls wired in, but I'd prefer not to have any, anyway (there are way too many switches on the wall in this house already!). My 'ideal' solution would be a controller/amp/switch (sorry, not sure what the correct terminology is) that I can control from an iOS app. For instance, I could choose to play input-1 in zone-2 and input-2 in zone-3 and zone-4, and independently control the volume in zone-2 from that in zone-3 and even that of zone-4, even though they are hearing the same content, they may not want the same volume.

My HT receiver currently has iOS app-based control, and I've seen several other newer A/V devices that have this as well (controlled through WiFi), I'm hoping I can find this same convenience in WHA too.

Thanks in advance for any advise. I hope I provided enough information, but please let me know if you need more.
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Sonos connect:amp units or NuVo p100 / p200 / p3100 systems...
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Home Theater Direct also offers a iOS controlled solution...


It includes switching, volume control, and amplification. Use without keypads if you want!

$800 for 6 zones, $1,600 for up to 12 zones. 6 sources total available.
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