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Improve my room acoustics

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This forum has helped me to realize that loudspeaker and room acoustics is far more important than everything else.
So I wanted to start with Ethan Winer advice about room acoustics :
- Start with bass traps in corners
- Place panels on early reflections.

Actually, I have to find good-looking panels because of the WAF (yes my wife is kind enough to let me place panels on the walls, but it has to be beautiful). Here is what I would like to use : http://www.vicoustic.com/hifi-home-cinema/products/acoustic-treatment/walls-panels/panel/415
Apparently, this kind of panels is effective in early reflection but also in the corners as bass traps.

So, let's talk about my room (the speakers are not here for the moment, but soon enough) :

I have a few questions :
1- What height should a bass trap at the corner be ? 1.20m or more ?
2- The two green panels in the middle of the front wall are necessary or not ?
3- Should I put a panel behind my speakers to avoid reflections, like the orange panel ?

Thank you very much in advance for your help and advices.
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Your overall setup seems fine, but for advice on Vicoustic products you really should be asking them!

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Thanks for your reply. Great to see that I'm in the good direction !
But I was hoping that many of my questions were generic enough and doesn't concern only Vicoustic panel.
Especially : Do I need to put panels between the two loudspeakers (green rectangles in the schematics) ? As it's not really first reflection.
And if I put a speaker very close to the wall, is this better to have an absorbing panel just behind to prevent peaks and null at low frequencies ? Does a panel help at this place or not at all ?
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