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Burn in on 2013 LG plasma 60PH6700...

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I thought this late in the plasma game burn-in was virtually unheard of? CNN logo and time stamp owned me.

image.jpg 1817k .jpg file
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No burn in yet but I have dead pixels right out of the box....going back Sunday and getting the Panny S60
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I got CNN Live and breaking news burnt in (see pic attached). I ran color wash for an hour and a half). It's still there. Is there anything I can do? image.jpg 1579k .jpg file
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Presumably the CNN logo is brighter than the normal content when watching the channel?

If so, your image retention is brighter, which means you have positive IR. This should go away. (It's not burn in.) Though why these new panels get it so quickly I don't know...

If the CNN logo was brighter than normal content then it would leave a darker afterimage on the panel which could be burn in or negative IR.
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Okay but it's been there now for 24 hours and I haven't put on CNN in 24 hrs. When will it go away?
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I'm trying to locate the color wash screen, where is it on my options??
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That looks like IR, and will eventually go away, assuming you stop watching CNN. I had some persistent IR when I owned an ST30, but after I stopped viewing what was giving me the IR, it went away eventually. Some things took months, but it DID go away. Fro example: Playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. The C4 icon remained on my screen for a few months after I stopped playing the game. It could only be seen on a few dominant colors, like certain shades of green and gray.

Don't worry too much. Some of it is persistent, but given enough time and use, it will go away.

I had some red and blue Ir that looked a lot like burn in when i played castlevania Harmony of Despair (I basically had like 1000 hours on this game, so it was some extreme plasma abuse for static colors to remain (health bars).

That too was persistent, and went away after a few months of not playing the game.

The more you use your TV without the things causing IR, the faster it will go away.
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